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Hijabs High

30 Jul

Assalaamu Alaykum Ladies,

Hijabi fashions on the streets! This is exactly what I want to do!!! But so far I haven’t had anyone email me a picture with a bio :(. Come on shy girls! I found that there is an actual site that has sisters from all over the world sending in pictures of their street fashions! I love it, it’s so great to see that there are so many hijabi sisters around the world that love to cover up. Before I start getting all the judge-mental comments and emails, please sit back and think about what you are about to say before you say it. I know that ever one has their own style and and comfort level. Please sisters, don’t judge others on what they wear and how much they cover up. We are are sisters here and one day we will answer to Allah, so please don’t judge ;). I really hope to see some of you sending in some fabulous pictures of your styles as well!! Please, send in pictures of things you make, I would love to see it and i’m sure you would love to share it!

After the tragic events of 9/11 a lot of sisters that wore the hijab stopped wearing it because they were scared to go out in public and get abused or hurt. And then there was the group that refused to remove it for the sake of Allah knowing that He will keep them safe and protect them from harm and if they were harmed then they will be rewarded for it. And lastly the hijabi wearers that came afterwards to show their love for their religion and that is the group that I am from. I love being a Muslim and I am not ashamed of it and this is my way of announcing my love for the Almighty Allah. He has created us all equally from one man and He breathed His spirit into him(Adam) and Adam(AS) came to life. So let’s be grateful to Allah and to one and other, for we are all brothers and sisters in Islam.

Check out

Mas Salaama!

**approximately 12 Days till Ramadan** {give or take}

‘Who made all things good which He created, and He began the creation of  man from clay; Then He made his seed from a draught of despised fluid; Then He fashioned him and breathed into him of His spirit; and appointed for you hearing and sight and hearts. Small thanks give you!’ (Surah Luqman 32:7-9)


Lacy & Blue FINALE!!!

23 Jul

Salaam all,

Lacy & Blue

As promised, a picture of me in my design. I finally wore my tunic/dress out, it was my birthday, so it was a special occasion. I don’t like doing anything at all, but my husband likes to take me out to dinner with his family and I don’t mind the company and I get the chance to get all dolled up! So hey, why am I complaining right!! lol….


18 days till RAMADAN!!!!!

Hana Tajima-Simpson of MAYSAA

21 Jul

She is talented, beautiful and is of mixed ethnicity. She is HANA TAJIMA-SIMPSON. How come all the talent keeps coming out of the UK?? None the less, we still love all of the British talent. Hana is brilliant, she is taking the Islamic fashion world by storm and to another level. She is behind the new label Maysaa. I would love to call her my competition one day Insha’Allah. Her clothes and styles are modest and in her words, ‘high-street Islamified’. She is unique in her own fashion sense and down to earth and simple as well.

I have yet to purchase one of her amazing maxi dresses, maybe even two. Hubby, if you’re reading this, hint hint! I also love the hoodie and of course the Maysaa chiffon scarf. Have you seen this beauty??? This is a must have and I must have, Insha’Allah.

Miss Hana in Chiffon Scarf

Hana just launched her clothing line called Maysaa. She is busy doing shoots for the MAYSAA MAGAZINE and interviews at the moment. This beauty also blogs and takes great pictures of herself wearing her latest fashions. Check out Hana’s blog at and also her check out her first collection at .

Maxi Skirt and Hoodie

**Thanks for all the emails, love and support. I will be doing a short video soon Insha’Allah.**
Have an amazing day xo

Maxi dresses, can maxi out my credit cards!!!

19 Jul

Salaam to all my Gorgeous sisters out there,

I have to be honest here, I go through my moments where I just wear trousers or maxi skirts or sweats, depending on my mood and weight. My new thing and trend is maxi dresses. I’m going crazy trying to find the perfect maxi dress and  i’m on the hunt for more then one! I have been looking for a few months now. I can’t find the right fabric or the right print or cut, something is always wrong. When I do find the perfect maxi dress, then the ultimate disappointment, it cost way to much. And yes I know and I’ve heard the common, ‘if you’re going to wear it a lot and make good use of it, then you should just spend the money’. Well, I don’t really have this kind of money! lol. I just wanted a few perfect dresses for the summer, ramadan, for my perfect Eid with my wonderful family in Vancouver and the amazing destination wedding that we will be attending in Mexico for my sister in law. I just need more then ONE!

Here are my two favorite, Ralph Lauren with his Bohemian dream dress!!! I’m so in love with this dress, the floral print, the way it flows, it looks so dark and goth but so girlie!!! I WANT IT SO BADLY! And the second one is by Dior and I just love the cascading ruffles, I’m not in love with the deep neckline but I could work with that. So there it is, my two fav’s and I can’t afford neither of them! But I wouldn’t spend that much unless I was loaded. But who knows if I would even then?

Ralph Lauren Bohemian


I’ve gone to the mall so many times and my to favorite stores and I’ve really found nothing that appealed to me. I’ve left with one simple blue maxi in a jersey knit fabric from Forever 21. This just goes to show that I have to make my own frocks and you lovely ladies will see versions of maxi dresses i’ll be selling in my line Insha’Allah.

Mas Salaama


**22 days till Ramadan starts Insha’Allah!!! Are you ready??**

Something lacy & blue continued

16 Jul

Assalaamu Alaykum all!

Jummah Mubarak! I hope you all are well Insha’Allah. As we are getting closer to another RAMADAN, let us all prepare! This will be the time to learn and understand our religion and most importantly get closer to our Creator Insha’Allah. Lets welcome this blessed month into our hearts and homes!

I designed a long sleeved tunic/dress for myself, sketched out my design and blogged about at the end of June. I finished sewing it a few days ago. I changed my design along the way, which I often do because I think of something better, but this time I had no choice. I wanted to add asymmetrical ruffles for the skirt part of the tunic/dress but in the end I didn’t have enough fabric. I bought the fabric from a flea market a while back and so I couldn’t go out and buy anymore of it. What I did instead was make the skirt into gathered bubbles, I had enough fabric for that and it worked out great.

I have had a chance to try it on but I haven’t taken pictures, so for now it’ll be on a mannequin. I love it! I know it’s very egotistical of me to say that I love my own designs and I love to wear them. This is rare, I’m never happy with my results and a lot of times I need assurance that it looks great. So, ALLHUMDULILLAH, when I get a good start to finish with minimal issues, i’m very happy with my results, hence this tunic/dress.

Stay tuned for me in it.
25 days till Ramadan!!! *Don’t forget to make up your fasts!*

PS: Sisters, what would you like me to blog about? Feel free to send in suggestions, drop me an email or comment below.

Mas Salaama

front view

side view

back view

view from below

Something simple to wear out

14 Jul

Assalaamu Alaykum girls,

I bought this dress last year while I was pregnant to wear to my baby shower. Of course then I was a lot fuller and it fit me better and stayed up, but I still had to pull it up to keep it from falling to low. Now that I’m not preggers and I still love this dress, I want to wear it. I pinned the top of the dress down to my shirt and had a my husband pin the back down for me. so in total I used 4 safety pins.

The dress I bought for dirt cheap at this store called Pay/Half for $25 and the hijab my lovely sister who is expecting her first baby Insha’Allah in August gifted it to me. She took a trip to Pakistan to visit my mom’s family and bought it there with many other Pakistani outfits for her wedding a few years ago.

I went to the mall and was on a hunt for dresses. I found really simple bohemian maxi skirts, but that’s about it. I was on a hunt for maxi dresses and I came across a few really simple styles, I owned similar colors and I really was just doing some research for myself. I know as a fashion forward hijabi it’s really hard for me to find clothes. I make trips out to the mall to do a little research for my future label.

Mas Salaama

Putting the ‘Z’ in hijabZ

12 Jul

Assalaamu Alaykum Ladies,

Sometimes when I’m so tired and all I want to do is sleep but I can’t because idea’s keep running through my mind and the only way I can get some shut eye is to sketch. What ends up happening is I have to get out of bed, grab a pencil and my sketch book and start sketching. Well, I had one of those nights recently, I couldn’t shut my brain off so, of course I got up and started to roughly sketch out my ideas. I came up with a few ideas and I tried one of them out. I had a lot of left over yardage from this material that I made a tunic out of. I hemmed the edges, took apart 7 zippers, hand made flowers and put it all together and here it is. I had to take the picture myself. I kind of like the bunched up messy look of the hijab. It almost looks like a bubble.

Have a blessed and fabulous Monday Insha’Allah!
There is only 29 days left till RAMADAN!!! Are you ready???
Mas Salaama