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Posing in Whistler BC

30 Sep

Olympic Rings and ME

Assalaam Alaykum Sisters,

I know it’s been a long time!!! I’m so sorry, first I wasn’t blogging that much because of Ramadan and then I was in Vancouver on vacation, and what can I say, I was just waaay to busy with my family and friends!

Let me tell you, I had such an amazing time! I spent so much time with my Abba(dad) and my nephew, who is oh so adorable!! I just fell even more in love with him in person.

Eid was a blast, finally, I’ve been celebrating Ramadan and Eid in New York for the past 3 years and it had not been the same for me! I dont like it here, there is no Fijians here, and I feel left out and alone, it’s just myself and my husband, but Allhumdulillah, now I have my own family, this year we had our son with us and we will be starting our own traditions insha’Allah.

The picture featured here was taken in Whistler BC, it’s about 1 hour and a half away from Vancouver BC. It was where the 2010 Winter Olympics were held. Orignally, my husband and I wanted to take a little trip up by our selves and then my sister heard and she got interested and then it slipped out to a few other friends and became a couples retreat which I think turned out pretty well! We had a relaxing time with each other and our kids. It was memorable and something that we can always look back on.

What I’m wearing here is a scarf that was given to me as a gift from one of my bestfriends and she bought if from H&M and I think is was the new one in Vancouver, my dress is from Marshall’s and i’m wearing my boyfriend jeans that I bought at the mall and lastly i’m wearing sneakers. I found this look stylish, comfy yet suitable for a quick outing!   

This is one of the craziest years for me, but I will not complain, so I will try my hardest to have tutorials as much as I can. I have some fun creative crafty hijab ideas, but only time will tell me if I can do a video (and it’ll be back to me holding the camera in my hand!). I have another trip coming up for my lovely sister in laws wedding and I still have to make my blouse to wear under my dress (and I have a 1 year old monkeying around all the time!!). That’s just one of many things. I hope you all understand!!!




Lately in Fashion, THE NEW LONG!!!

13 Sep

Salaam Ladies,

How are all of you doing? Now that Ramadan and Eid are well out of the way, life is almost back to normal. We still have to make up fasts, some of us, (not me :(…) are fasting the 6 days of Shawal. Masha’Allah, those of you who can, that’s really good!!! I’m still here in Vancouver visiting my family and friends. Having a blast!!! My nephew is soooooo cute masha’Allah, I can’t get enough of him and my son can’t either!

So, now that fall is almost here, hijabiz can easlily shop and dress! And the long trend is going no where!!! I love it! I’ve been in love with this Dries Van Noten maxi skirt for months! I’ve ripped it out of my magazine and pinned it to my inspiration board and right now that board nicely tucked away in my closet!

So ladies, don’t you fear, go out there and shop, layer up, there are so many options right now with long cardigans, shirts, skirts and don’t forget the short skirts that you can wear over your jeans!!! I do it and I love it!!!

Dries Van Noten

Michael Kors

Mas Salaama
From my original hometown Surrey BC (Canada)

This HIJABI is going……

8 Sep


My suitcase, topped off with some of my son's stuff!

to her hometown!!!

Hello, Asalaam Alaykum GirlZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz,

I am so excited!!! I can’t contain myself!!! LOL, I have so much to do in such little time. But you have to save it all till the last minute because most of it is the last minute things.

Anyhow, so today I’m leaving for Vancouver BC (Canada), I have my suitcase almost ready to go, I still have to add my son’s bottles and spoons and stuff. I always promise that I’m going to pack light, but it never happens, so i’ve been packing and unpacking and then repacking, lol, it’s crazy, we’re going for 2 and a half weeks, I don’t know how to pack LIGHT!!! I’ve already over packed, being a hijabi who loves fashion isn’t a easy task! You have to pack shoes and hijabs and underscarves and sleeves and undershirts. Then you need jewelery and makeup and bags, which I had to pick only one because we had to decide on leaving one suitcase because we had no room. And my sister just had a baby!!! =D I had gift for my little nephew!!! I can’t wait to meet my little guy!! INsha’Allah!!!

I made a promise not to take a bag on the airplane! That was a difficult decision, I hate asking my hubby to give me my things as I need them because he always makes this face! Now I’ve stuffed his book bag with my magazine, laptop, hand cream, sanitizer and so on, and my he wants to seriously kill me!! LOL He doesn’t get it, I need those things!!! And now I have a child to add to it!! So I have a diaper bag(extra room!!!) lmao…

Mercedes Benz Fashion week starts tomorrow! If I wasn’t in VanCity, I would have been glued to the TV screen everynight and we would have been making trips the the City (Manhattan), just to please me!! LOL…i’m so crazy!

So after all the packing was done, I went way over weight and I had to pull out the pink bag and add clothes to it!!! lol…I love being a GIRL!!! ha ha


Hooded Hijab Tutorial!

3 Sep

Assalaam Alaykum All,

I’m so sorry about the really late blog, I’ve had a crazy week. I won’t even get into it!!! But trying to make this video is part of it. I really do apologize for the poor quality, I had so many issues, for once I was like let me show my face, and the steps and in the end it was the biggest pain in the who know where! So next time there won’t be much of that. I was relying on my husband, but he was working so hard and such long hours this week that when he was home, he was fast asleep.

I had to record my recored video! How ghetto is that?? LOL, in that I lost a major step and that was the part where I show you how to cut the hoodie part of the hijab. I’m just going to write out a short step by step and I really hope you understand and I have provided a little diagram for you also.

1. Fold your pashmina in half as shown in diagram.
2. Pin along the open edge to stop the fabric from moving.
3. Measure down 10″ on folded side and mark with pins, then measure down 5″ from that point and pin.
4. Cut open the 10″ fold to the 5″ mark and pin together the two sides to secure it.
5. Cut from the bottom of the pashmina up to the 5″ point (the really long slit). Remember to leave the 5″ area in tack, do not cut, you need this folded area!!!
6. Take your hoodie and place it over the pashmina as shown in the diagram. The hoodie is there as a guide, just follow your instincts and cut a nice curve. Pin along the curve to secure in place.
7. Sew the hoodie part of hijab, 1/2″, and as you get closer to the 5″ area, get closer to the edge.
8. If you do not have a serger or overlock machine, then hem the inner slit that you cut open earlier, a good guide to follow is 1/4 of an inch. Also serge/overlock or hem the hoodie seam, and the part the sticks out at the top, stitch it down with a straight stitch. If you don’t know what I mean, you will once you try on you hooded hijab.

I hope to see pictures of your hooded hijabs!!! I’ll be making more from different materials and posting pictures in the future.

Enjoy my crafty hijabi girlies!!!

Mas Salaama