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Brooklyn Flea Market

5 Jul

Before I moved to New York I would never have thought of going to a flea market. The only time i’ve been to a flea market was when I was 17 and it was while I was vacationing with my family in California and the closest thing in Vancouver to a flea that i’ve been to is the Richmond Night Market. My lovely sister in law is a great fan and she introduced me to ‘THE FLEA MARKET!’. She has all these cool pieces in her house, antique tables, a weird colorful armchair and she had this treasure chest that somehow found its way into my husbands apartment. And now I proudly call it mine!! Thanks NINA!! lol. Anyhow, I figured, lets see what I can find, so every now and then we venture into a flea market.

This Saturday was an experience of its own! I fell in love with the Brooklyn Flea Market in Fort Greene NY! http://www.brooklynflea.com
I can’t afford half of what’s in this flea market, actually, most of it. I found vintage items, antiques, one of a kind handmade pieces, jewelry, art, food, which I didn’t eat :(, furniture!!! I fell madly in love with this table, and a dresser, and this vintage dress by DVF!!! I was falling in love with so many things!!! It was insane!!! I regret not buying this necklace!!! I should have, but I didn’t, instead I found a scarf and an under scarf. I wouldn’t normally spend $15 on an under scarf, but I couldn’t help it, the print was polka dots and it was so well made, plus it was hand made!

There was this man who hand cut silhouettes, it was really impressive! It was really an inspirational experience, so much talent all in one place. I did find a lot of maxi dresses and skirts, and I also found this beautiful African wrap skirt in the most gorgeous tribal print.

Here are a few pictures I took of the flea market. I got so lost looking at everything that I didn’t take much besides clothes when I first entered. There is so much more to look at then what I show here. For those of you that live in NY, you must check it out! I left a link so you can see the dates they have the flea markets and where they are held.

Me & sis-in-law Gisela

vintage Diane Von Furstenberg dress $120

I would pair this with a hot pink or purple under shirt and a white hijab. A few plastic chunky white bangles, flats and a huge canvas bag.

polka dot under scarf

I was in shock that I came across this head piece! It wasn’t meant for a hijabi, but hey, we find things everywhere we go right! If you like the under scarf and would like to purchase it, here is the website you can purchase it from, Chika also uses silk material and makes other items.  www.Mercato.Etsy.com or www.MercatodiNewYork.com

animal print scarf/hijab

This was a great find! I love the animal print and absolutely love the color and for $10 how could I not buy it!

mixing prints

I couldn’t wait to try on my new under scarf and hijab, with my red eyes and nose pad mark face (from sunglasses)!