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Adding Hijabs soon insha’Allah!

29 Nov

Hey Salaam everyone!

Being a mom to two kids is eventful I must say! Sleepless nights, sick toddler and a teething 5 month old is keeping me on my toes! I have been working hard at adding hijabs to my collection and its moving forward. We’ll start off with giveaways first so spread the word and like my Facebook page Zeba Ramos Clothing.

What do you look for when buying a hijab? What colors would you like, do you want plain or printed materials and what material do you look for?

Here are some of the fabrics I will possibly work with for the giveaways.

Zeba xx
Mas Salaama



My flower art hijab…

3 Jan

A little fuzzy hijab art…I wanted to show off my latest creation…my hijab art, I know this is huge in Egypt and I was fascinated with the flower hijab art when I was in Egypt. I’ve made the flower plenty of times, the first time was when I attended my sister’s wedding, it turned out all right and I have been practising ever since. So after a million tries I finally made it perfect!!! And here it is, too bad the pic isn’t clear enough but you can still see the flower.

fuZZy wuZZy


Review and tutorial on LaDecence Hijabs…

30 Nov

Assalaam Alaykum,

Recently I received hijabs from . These hijabs are so beautiful, light and flowy. I love the floral prints and I also love the jersey material as it drapes very well. I have done a review on all three hijabs and also a tutorial on two of the hijabs. The prices are reasonable and affordable, you really can’t go wrong there. She also sells hijab pins, sleeves and other accessories on her website, please check it out. I left the link above.

Mas Salaama

DIY plaid hijab with lace pleated applique

25 Oct

Assalaam Alaykum,

It’s been a while since my last post and the reason for that is MY CLOTHING LINE!!! It’s been so insane running around trying my best to get everything done on time and in the end it looks like I’ve missed my fall deadline. But Allhumdulillah everything is going well. So as of now I won’t say it’ll be done by this time, because I want everything to be perfect and I don’t want to give it a time. Doing the production locally is a benefit because I can go see what’s happening and I am more hands on. And my little guy can come with!!

OKAY, moving on, I went on a hunt for unique hijab fabric, I wanted to make something different and I found this gorgeous plaid fabric in the men’s suiting side of the fabric store. I fell in love and so I couldn’t put it down. Then I went searching for lace and I found this gorgeous black lace that I used as pleats on one end of the hijab, as you see in the tutorial. With the remaining left over lace I used it as trims for cushion covers that I made. My living room needed a color boost. It turned out really nice!



Mas Salaama,

Zeba x

DIY: How to ruche a hijab

2 Mar

This is a simple tutorial on how to ruche a hijab. To have a more full and gathered look, use a wider hijab. Good luck with your project…

How to wear a square hijab

15 Feb

Salaam Sisters,

This is a video on how I wear my square hijabs. There is the common triangle way and this is my rectangular way. I hope you find this video helpful Insha’Allah!

Zeba Ramos
Mas Salaama

DIY Underscarf

14 Jan

Assalaam Alaykum,

Today I’m doing a step by step by pictures tutorial, requested by a sister who was having a hard time following the videos and she requested that I do a DIY under scarves. Have fun making your under scarves and remember to use stretch fabrics!!!


* 1  yard of stretch fabric

*measuring tape




*tailors chalk


*sewing machine

*overlock/serger (optional)


1. Measure your head circumference going over your ears, so from the top if your head, over your ears and around the back above your neck and back to where you started. For example, my measurement is 21.5″ and I’m adding 1/2″ to that measurement so it’ll come out to 22″ total, you should also add 1/2″ to your measurement.

2. Before jumping in and cutting the fabric, figure out which side stretches the most . The side with the most stretch will be the crosswise grain and the side that stretches the least will be the lengthwise grain. Take your head measurement and mark that on the crosswise grain, my’n would be 22″. Mark 16.5″ for the lengthwise grain. Take your tailors chalk and draw lines from the lengthwise grain measurement and crosswise grain measurement and cut out. You should end up with a rectangle.

3. Overlock or zigzag the edges to keep the fabric from fraying.

4. Match the lengthwise sides right sides together and pin along the edge.

5. Sew 1/2″ seam and for added support do a zigzag stitch next to the straight stitch.

6. Fold one end 1/2″ in towards the wrong side, pin and sew.

7. Fold that same end 4″ towards the wrong side and pin in place with the hem under that 4″. Do this all along making sure that the the top folded part is flat and not being turned or twisted. Sew the fold in place, sewing close to the edge.

8. Now the last step is to hem the other end. Hem 1/2″ all the way along.

There you have it, your new underscarf that you made on your own!! Great job!!!

Mas Salaama…
This one is for ZT who says I taught her how to sew which I doubt!!! LOL…