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BCBG Max Azria does it the hijabi way!

16 Feb

On a daily basis I check out what the new fall 2011 collections from various designers look like and what my favorite looks are, and I have a winner in hijabi style. Max Azria had some gorgeous designs and the one thing that I loved about his collection is that he used dresses with under shirts! I was so happy to see this and I’m wondering what his inspiration was for this collection. He has long and layered looks in his collection, a lot of styles that I myself would wear. I’m sure his wife Lubova had a great influence on him, they work closely together and are very successful! I have a BCBGeneration dress that my sister in law gifted me. I wore it for her bridal shower. BCBG is known for their mix and match separates and their dresses. Check out 3 runway looks from BCBG’s fall 2011 collection.

My favorite look, picture courtesy of nymag.com

Picture courtesy of nymag.com

Courtesy of nymag.com

These 3 are my favorite looks from the collection but trust me there are plenty more that I love!!!



Atiya Khan, former Pakistani supermodel turned hijab designer

30 Nov

Salaam ladies,

My sister in law found this article on Yahoo today. Atiya Khan was Pakistan’s first supermodel. Although she herself does not adorn the hijab, she designs them. But according to her, she has said, “I used to wear the hijab myself.” I think it’s kinda strange that someone would design something that they don’t wear, but I do like her concept. But who am I to judge right!!! xx Take a look at the video, she is a stunning lady!! Masha’Allah! Mas Salaama 

Rabia Z Fashion Designer

2 Aug

Assalaam Alaykum sisters,

Her designs are easy and breezy yet elegant and creative. She is of Emirati and Afghani heritage and knows how to use the two in her designs. Rabia Z studied business and fashion design in the US and continued her fashion training in Dubai at the French Fashion University, Esmond.

Rabia showcased her collection and in October of 2007 and was acknowledged as emerging talent competition and went on to win the British Council’s regional ‘International Young Fashion Entrepreneur of the Year 2008’ award.

This was the beginning of Rabia’s career, she is an amazing women and has her collections shown at various evernts in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.


Thank you for reading!

PS: You may or may have not noticed that I have removed a tutorial that I have posted earlier. It had somethings to do with the name, not with the actual tutorial because I did my research and there are other names for the hooded scarf and it’s also called scoodie and there are video’s out there. So I will make another and I will not use the name that I will not mention no longer! So, I will be removing all traces of it from my blog. Sorry if you had made comments and sent me emails regarding it. I had to delete it! I don’t want any legal issues, I got a email from the creator of the name and she was nice and she hasn’t emailed me back, so I think i’m in the clear insha’ALLAH!!!


THANKS to sister that rhymes with BELLA for saving my something that rhymes with hut!!! lol

Hana Tajima-Simpson of MAYSAA

21 Jul

She is talented, beautiful and is of mixed ethnicity. She is HANA TAJIMA-SIMPSON. How come all the talent keeps coming out of the UK?? None the less, we still love all of the British talent. Hana is brilliant, she is taking the Islamic fashion world by storm and to another level. She is behind the new label Maysaa. I would love to call her my competition one day Insha’Allah. Her clothes and styles are modest and in her words, ‘high-street Islamified’. She is unique in her own fashion sense and down to earth and simple as well.

I have yet to purchase one of her amazing maxi dresses, maybe even two. Hubby, if you’re reading this, hint hint! I also love the hoodie and of course the Maysaa chiffon scarf. Have you seen this beauty??? This is a must have and I must have, Insha’Allah.

Miss Hana in Chiffon Scarf

Hana just launched her clothing line called Maysaa. She is busy doing shoots for the MAYSAA MAGAZINE and interviews at the moment. This beauty also blogs and takes great pictures of herself wearing her latest fashions. Check out Hana’s blog at www.stylecovered.com and also her check out her first collection at www.maysaa.com .

Maxi Skirt and Hoodie

**Thanks for all the emails, love and support. I will be doing a short video soon Insha’Allah.**
Have an amazing day xo

Graffiti Inspiration

28 Jun

Hardcore Chicks! This term suits hijabi’s. Not in a “yeah, we’re hard core, lets kick some a….”, but more of a “I’m a hardcore Muslimah, I rock the hijab, I love myself and i do it strictly for ALLAH!”. I wasn’t even the one who spotted this great art, it was my husband and he drove around so I could get a better look! I always see it, but I’ve never really looked at it and I was glad that he stopped for me to admire. This inspired me and also reminded me of this Islamic graffiti artist Mohammed Ali. He does some amazing work, check out his website at http://www.aerosolarabic.com. His work has been displayed in Abu Dhabi. Check out his documentary below.

Amal Murad, abaya fashion designer

23 Jun

Amal Murad is a UAE abaya fashion designer. Her designs are amazing, I love her work!!! She incorporates the latest fashion trends into her designs, adds a touch of color, or print to make the most stunning styles! She is an inspiration to me. Although I myself don’t wear abaya’s, her designs make me want to wear them!! Some time in the near future one of Amal Murad’s abaya’s will make its way into my closet. Here are some of her designs shown during Dubai fashion week 2010. Does anyone out there already own a designer piece by Amal Murad? If you do, please free to send a picture of you wearing it!

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An exciting day in The City!

18 Jun

Yesterday I spent my entire day in Manhattan. My first stop was in uptown, doctors visit. Then I made my way to Herald Square, where I had lunch and fead my munchkin. The reason why I went this far was so I could meet fashion Designer Charlotte Ronson, she was signing autographs at JCPenny. It was awesome, I finally met a real fashion designer, she was really nice. She signed my shirt, a pic and also took pics with me and my son. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of Mick Jones?  He’s from this rock band called Foreigners? Anyways, that’s her step dad and apparently he is really famous and was like a hit in the 80’s, he was super nice.. Afterwards I walked to to Fashion Avenue and here are some shots of my day in The CITY. I wish I could live there!!! I love MANHATTAN!!!

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