Our First Giveaway!!!

11 Feb

February is the month of Love! So let’s do a ‘What we Love Most about ourselves giveaway!‘ We always lavish someone else but hardly ourselves, so why don’t we share a little love about ourselves for a change?

RULES: You MUST like our Zeba Ramos FB page and post a comment on what you love most about yourself. It can be anything physical or a characteristic or something spiritual, or whatever you like. And if you like someones response, like it! The person with the BEST post and most likes WINS the month of Self-love giveaway! This giveaway will run until this Sunday February the 17th’2013. We will read all posts and pick a winner for the giveaway and if there should be a tie we will choose the best comment and will post the winner insha’Allah. Help spread the love and share this post with your FaceBook friends! This months giveaway is a $20 gift-card to Sephora!!!


May the best Self Love Comment WIN!!!

Zeba Ramos xx


Really behind on posts

5 Feb

Assalaam Alaykum!

I’m here, just really busy with my kids, my daughter gives me no time to do tutorials! I have so many ideas and DIY tutorials planned but have yet to do them. She is almost 8 months and she doesn’t really like to stay with anyone, if she sees me it’s over and she cries for me and this makes it difficult for me to record a video or sew! I have sewn here and there but breaking the pattern doesn’t help. Insha’Allah she gets a little better and ill have posts for you soon!

As a thank you to my readers we are offering free shipping on my website, Zeba Ramos, use SHIPFREE at checkout.

Thank you all for understanding, I miss working on my blog very much and can’t wait to start once again. Please keep me in your dua’s.

Zeba xx


Quickly becoming a MUST HAVE!!!

19 Dec

The Dolman Sleeve Hoodie has become the Top Seller in our shop. This must have hoodie is affordable, loose and long, it’s perfect for those chilly nights ahead. Both colors are popular with our customers, our personal favorite is the grey hoodie, but who says you just have to pick one?! 🙂

I love to throw the grey hoodie on over my T-Shirt Dress after a hardcore work out at the gym. I designed this hoodie keeping in mind that it will be used for lounging around, working out or as a pull over after a work out. I wanted to make something ready to wear so that when you’re running out the door to throw out the trash or take the kids to school, it’ll be easy and simple. I love to keep warm and I think that the fabric of choice was perfect to keep you and I cozy.

Grey Hoodie $20 zebaramos.com

Grey Hoodie $20 zebaramos.com



A few items I want from Aritzia

18 Dec

I am so in love with the PARK SLOPE VEST from Talula and both of these ASTORIA SWEATERS from Talula that are sold at Aritzia. I like that the sweaters are long but they will be fitted on me so I would need to go up two sizes for it to be a comfortable loose fit and the vest I will most likely buy in a size larger. I just like to wear everything loose and not draw attention to my figure as I have two problem attention drawers which is my chest and my behind. The issue I seem to run into when buying clothes a few sizes above my actual size is the shoulders sloping down and not sitting correctly on me and the neckline seems to get a little bigger too. Lucky for me that I am able to fix the shoulder if I need to but I can’t do much about the neckline, the only way I can hide my chest is with my hijab or by wearing an undershirt. My main thing right now is ease and comfort as I am nursing my baby so I like to be able to easily access her food lol.  Do you love these or is it just me??? 🙂


A statement vest in plush, luxuriously soft faux fur $110


Lightweight angora and cashmere with a slouchy fit $75


Lightweight angora and cashmere with a nautical stripe $80



Our day in the CITY

13 Dec

Salaam everyone,

Last week Friday was an interesting day, I took my 3 year old and my almost 6 month old (today she is 6 months Allhumdulillah) to the City. This was the first time my baby girl traveled with me on the subway, I was extremely nervous but the end result wasn’t bad. My son Mr. Social Butterfly was yapping away with strangers while my daughter gazed around. An interesting but nosey lady was all up in my business asking me ‘where are you going, you’re taking your kids, will someone be meeting up with you, will someone help you, is that your sister?’ Lol!  My sister (the lady that Miss Nosey pants was referring to) was smiling at me and she fell victim to my sons show an tell of his cars and lollipop that he went on and on about was Asian Indian, so I guess she had to be my relative! I was really hoping that her stop wasn’t to far away because I still had a long way to go.

We were on our way to meet my sister in law (SIL-that’s not her name) at her job, we had a lunch date. It rained from the moment I left my house, so in the rain with my double stroller we made our way to 23rd St and 5th Ave. Once we arrived at my sister in laws office building this extremely nice man tried everything possible to help my stroller get through the entrance of the building, after what seemed like 50 attempts we gave up and I thanked him for his generosity, he didn’t have to waste his time helping a hijabi in the rain with her two kids! lol…my SIL just met us downstairs. Let me tell you, going around the city with a stroller is a huge challenge, there are many stores that aren’t stroller friendly. We finally made it to the restaurant and upon our arrival we noticed that the entrance had huge steps! Lol, my SIL kindly asked if someone could help us or if there was another entrance, thank goodness for that second entrance! Mind you my stroller isn’t the side by side double but the top and bottom double and to fit the bottom seat in they have to make the back wheels wide, which makes is difficult to maneuver in small areas.


We ordered guacamole and the best part about ordering guacamole was that it made right in front of us and it was delicious! That was followed by Baja fish, I swear, that was the best Baja fish that I’ve ever had!!!! My son misbehaved the entire time while my daughter nursed under my nursing cover the ENTIRE TIME. I changed my daughters diaper and as soon as I returned my son yells, “mommy!!! I have to be strong!”, which means ‘I need to poop’. This is where my day got a bit challenging and interesting. Once he got out of the booth I had to chase him around the extremely nice and elegant restaurant, once I had him I almost had to drag him to the bathroom and upon our arrival to the bathroom he tells me that he doesn’t need to go anymore, so I force him to pee. Now we’re rushing out of the restaurant because SIL is way over her lunch break.






Now it’s just myself and my kids! Ones crying, the other one is running around and jumping in puddles, (boy did I ever regret putting sneakers on instead of rain boots!). I try to hold his hand while I’m trying to calm my daughter as we make our way to do some shopping. I thought I’m already here so why not look for some hijab fabric while we wait for my hubby to arrive. There was no way I was getting back on the subway during rush hour with two screaming kids!

Thank goodness that while shopping both of them fall asleep making shopping a breeze. My hubby arrived and we decide to go have coffee while we wait for the 53rd St guys to open up. So we made out way to the coffee shop, bought our coffee’s and had a seat, it was really warm in there so I suggested that we should remove our daughters coat, and so my husband removes her coat, and as he does he somehow yanks one of her earrings out! Ouch!!!! She cried and her ear started bleeding, it was horrible and he felt horrible! Her ears had only been pierced for 2 weeks! Once she calmed down a bit I changed her diaper and found the front part of her earring in her diaper, the backing was never found. We left the coffee shop and hubby went on a search for earrings. We cleaned her ear and sterilized everything and put the new earring in. The nest day I called the doctors office and she gave me a replacement backing.

Next we got our food from 53rd St, ate in the car and my son with a huge smile say, “I need to be STRONG, STONG!!!!!!”, now I’m running with him to the Hilton hotel lol. Finally we ended our day walking around checking out the tree at Rockefeller.






What an interesting day!

New Revamped Clothing Website!!!

6 Dec

Hello and Assalaam Alaykum Dear Customers!

As many of you know, many hours of love and labor have gone into making my collection a reality. We’ve had a few glitches along the way with our old web developer which was disappointing but taught us a lesson in learning and moving forward. That’s why I’m now excited to present to you our newly REVAMPED website! The feedback and support   of all of you helped tremendously and we NOW present you a website that is cleaner in look, faster in speed, and completely user friendly, including on your mobile device. We want to be able to offer our customers the very best experience and customer service support and we’re finally there. So please take a moment to visit our site, browse the collection and SHOP! By helping support small businesses like ours, you help keep independent creativity alive!

With much gratitude,

Zeba Ramos xo

new site 1 new site 2

Adding Hijabs soon insha’Allah!

29 Nov

Hey Salaam everyone!

Being a mom to two kids is eventful I must say! Sleepless nights, sick toddler and a teething 5 month old is keeping me on my toes! I have been working hard at adding hijabs to my collection and its moving forward. We’ll start off with giveaways first so spread the word and like my Facebook page Zeba Ramos Clothing.

What do you look for when buying a hijab? What colors would you like, do you want plain or printed materials and what material do you look for?

Here are some of the fabrics I will possibly work with for the giveaways.

Zeba xx
Mas Salaama