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Our day in the CITY

13 Dec

Salaam everyone,

Last week Friday was an interesting day, I took my 3 year old and my almost 6 month old (today she is 6 months Allhumdulillah) to the City. This was the first time my baby girl traveled with me on the subway, I was extremely nervous but the end result wasn’t bad. My son Mr. Social Butterfly was yapping away with strangers while my daughter gazed around. An interesting but nosey lady was all up in my business asking me ‘where are you going, you’re taking your kids, will someone be meeting up with you, will someone help you, is that your sister?’ Lol!  My sister (the lady that Miss Nosey pants was referring to) was smiling at me and she fell victim to my sons show an tell of his cars and lollipop that he went on and on about was Asian Indian, so I guess she had to be my relative! I was really hoping that her stop wasn’t to far away because I still had a long way to go.

We were on our way to meet my sister in law (SIL-that’s not her name) at her job, we had a lunch date. It rained from the moment I left my house, so in the rain with my double stroller we made our way to 23rd St and 5th Ave. Once we arrived at my sister in laws office building this extremely nice man tried everything possible to help my stroller get through the entrance of the building, after what seemed like 50 attempts we gave up and I thanked him for his generosity, he didn’t have to waste his time helping a hijabi in the rain with her two kids! lol…my SIL just met us downstairs. Let me tell you, going around the city with a stroller is a huge challenge, there are many stores that aren’t stroller friendly. We finally made it to the restaurant and upon our arrival we noticed that the entrance had huge steps! Lol, my SIL kindly asked if someone could help us or if there was another entrance, thank goodness for that second entrance! Mind you my stroller isn’t the side by side double but the top and bottom double and to fit the bottom seat in they have to make the back wheels wide, which makes is difficult to maneuver in small areas.


We ordered guacamole and the best part about ordering guacamole was that it made right in front of us and it was delicious! That was followed by Baja fish, I swear, that was the best Baja fish that I’ve ever had!!!! My son misbehaved the entire time while my daughter nursed under my nursing cover the ENTIRE TIME. I changed my daughters diaper and as soon as I returned my son yells, “mommy!!! I have to be strong!”, which means ‘I need to poop’. This is where my day got a bit challenging and interesting. Once he got out of the booth I had to chase him around the extremely nice and elegant restaurant, once I had him I almost had to drag him to the bathroom and upon our arrival to the bathroom he tells me that he doesn’t need to go anymore, so I force him to pee. Now we’re rushing out of the restaurant because SIL is way over her lunch break.






Now it’s just myself and my kids! Ones crying, the other one is running around and jumping in puddles, (boy did I ever regret putting sneakers on instead of rain boots!). I try to hold his hand while I’m trying to calm my daughter as we make our way to do some shopping. I thought I’m already here so why not look for some hijab fabric while we wait for my hubby to arrive. There was no way I was getting back on the subway during rush hour with two screaming kids!

Thank goodness that while shopping both of them fall asleep making shopping a breeze. My hubby arrived and we decide to go have coffee while we wait for the 53rd St guys to open up. So we made out way to the coffee shop, bought our coffee’s and had a seat, it was really warm in there so I suggested that we should remove our daughters coat, and so my husband removes her coat, and as he does he somehow yanks one of her earrings out! Ouch!!!! She cried and her ear started bleeding, it was horrible and he felt horrible! Her ears had only been pierced for 2 weeks! Once she calmed down a bit I changed her diaper and found the front part of her earring in her diaper, the backing was never found. We left the coffee shop and hubby went on a search for earrings. We cleaned her ear and sterilized everything and put the new earring in. The nest day I called the doctors office and she gave me a replacement backing.

Next we got our food from 53rd St, ate in the car and my son with a huge smile say, “I need to be STRONG, STONG!!!!!!”, now I’m running with him to the Hilton hotel lol. Finally we ended our day walking around checking out the tree at Rockefeller.






What an interesting day!

My trip to Lincoln Center MBFW…

14 Feb

It was a crisp cold day Saturday when my family and I made a trip down to Lincoln Center. It was the fourth day of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, this was my first trip to Lincoln Center and it was a fun and amusing trip! I saw some of the craziest fashions and some pretty decent ones too. I didn’t go to attend a show, you need an invite or you pay crazy money to attend, I would have paid to see a show, but I’m starting my own line so you can guess where my money is going! Along with 100 other people who were there to take pictures(tourists), camera crews and photographers, I sat on the water fountain bench and people watched.

The designers that are showing at Lincoln Center.

This is just outside the entrance, I saw a couple casually walk in with a bunch of people thinking they can get in without a pass and just as quickly as they walked up they were quickly turned away! It was funny, but I guess they thought that they could give it a shot!

Here’s me all bundled up wishing I could be inside rather then outside!!!

Hoping to catch a celebrity or even better a designer, but I’m sure they have their secret entrance.

This was one of the crazy get ups that I saw. People loved this man and were taking pictures of him. Honestly, I wish I had all that fur on to keep me warm!!! LOL

This women was so gorgeous and stylish! She was wearing a green skirt with slits on the sides and wore black legging underneath.

So my trip was fun, my son slept in his coziness and my hubby and I chilled as I enjoyed my caramel macchiato. Mandy Coon was showing when we arrived, Vivienne Tam was showing as I sat there and Mik Cire was next, but we were cold and hungry so we left. The show that I would have loved to see that day was Prabal Gurung and Charlotte Ronson, who I actually met and talked too. She is really sweet, she even played with my son.


An exciting day in The City!

18 Jun

Yesterday I spent my entire day in Manhattan. My first stop was in uptown, doctors visit. Then I made my way to Herald Square, where I had lunch and fead my munchkin. The reason why I went this far was so I could meet fashion Designer Charlotte Ronson, she was signing autographs at JCPenny. It was awesome, I finally met a real fashion designer, she was really nice. She signed my shirt, a pic and also took pics with me and my son. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of Mick Jones?  He’s from this rock band called Foreigners? Anyways, that’s her step dad and apparently he is really famous and was like a hit in the 80’s, he was super nice.. Afterwards I walked to to Fashion Avenue and here are some shots of my day in The CITY. I wish I could live there!!! I love MANHATTAN!!!

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