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Planning on nursing your newborn???

26 Mar

Salaam Ladies,

Lately I’ve been prepping for the our soon to come newborn Insha’Allah. My sister had a nursing cover for her newborn and I really liked it. I was about to buy one online and then I noticed that it looked really simple to make and I looked up tutorials online and ended up making two for myself and one for a friend.

With my first-born I didn’t really nurse him outdoors as I always pumped and took something along with me and if I really had to I would use formula. When someone came over and it was feeding time I would just go to my bedroom and nurse in private. I just never felt comfortable because my lady parts are not small, I did nurse a few times with a blanket like when we were flying. Other than that I really didn’t find a need to be out and about. With the second baby one on its way, I will have to nurse outdoors as my son likes to go to the park and he needs his fresh air. So for this reason I will have to nurse outdoors.

Anyhow, the first one I made turned out OK, I lined it with a soft plush fleece to keep the baby cozy but then I realized that it will be summer and too hot. And I the cotton fabric I used wasn’t heavy enough to hold its shape with the boning in along with the fleece. I made a second one for my friend and again the fabric was too light weight so I used interfacing on the inside that had a nice soft feel on the right side. It turned out really nice and it had a really nice shape to it because of the interfacing. Sooooo, the next one that I made I actually went on a hunt for a medium weight cotton and it took such a long time to find a nice print but I found it and bought satin fabric to line the inside with. The end result was absolutely gorgeous. So if you are planning on making your own nursing cover, keep in mind that the fabric should be a medium weight cotton.

Here are two out of the three I made.

The first one I made

Fleece lining

Straps with a belt buckle closure

The third nursing cover I made

Satin lining

Pockets and a little saying to add a personal touch

D-ring strap closure

I found a dozen sites to make a nursing cover, the first one never mentioned the fabric weight, once I made the first on I kind of figured out it was the fabric weight. The second one I had to make in a rush and I didn’t get a chance to buy medium weight fabric so I used interfacing and that helped with the weight. With the last one I made I found this website that mentions using home decor fabric and that’s what I went on a hunt for but I didn’t find any nice prints in the home decor fabrics. My husband started to get impatient with me, I asked two sales associates for help and they had no idea where the heavier cottons were, one sent me to look at canvas fabric when I told her what I was making and the weight I needed. After feeling almost every fabric in the cotton section I found this navy blue polka dot print. YAY, I was so happy, next I found the satin and by this time my little one was trying to run out of the store. Finally we were done!!!!

This is the website that explains each step clearly. Good luck with your projects!!! 🙂

Mas Salaama,
Zeba Ramos x


The Sari Abaya I Made On Me…

6 Mar

A while back I did a tutorial on an abaya I made out of a sari (indian garment that you wrap and drape around your body), and here I am wearing it to show you how it looks on an actual person. I absolutely love the color and look of this abaya, but like I said before, I am not big on abayas, I don’t really wear them. I guess I will save this for a special occasion, maybe Eid-ul-Fitr this summer??? It’s perfect for the summer, it’s light and airy and very comfortable.

Adjusting the hem of my abaya, the hem and the center piece (two borders pieces sewn together) was once the border of the sari.

Hijab made from remaining fabric, I just serged the edges, but you can hand hem or machine hem it as well, the finish looks clean without any fraying.

Gorgeous pattern!!!

The color is just fabulous!

Oh yeah, I'm kind of preggers!!! 😉 xx

Here is the link on the tutorial I did on the abaya, Sorry about the video quality, when I was recording the lighting was great in my room and then I saw the video!!! :(…

You can be as creative as you like, you never have to follow my directions or anyone elses completely unless you want your garment to look the exact same way as the one your following. Try different fabrics and colors and prints, you may not always like your results, but it doesn’t hurt to experiment a little.

Zeba Ramos xx