Zeba Ramos Clothing

ZEBARAMOS.COM  is an online store for modern & beautifully made clothes yet still modestly covered, with an urban flair, for the Islamic women.

“Unveil your inner self with a taste of Modesty!”

Zeba Ramos Clothing offers modern & beautifully made clothes yet still modestly covered, with an urban flair. They make their clothing slightly loose to provide comfort and ease, alleviating any self-consciousness, yet still managing to keep a fun, modern edge to their clothes so that you can express your own individuality.

Based in New York City, Zeba Ramos Clothing was created after sourcing fashion trends and realizing that being modest in the western society should not limit your fashion creativity or comfort.  It fills a niche that is much needed. Surrounded by beauty and fashion everywhere, their collection reflects the day to day lives of women who like to be modest with a New York twist.  Zeba Ramos’ collection is designed to inspire a sense of self-assurance, security and confidence in the women who wears them.

Go and checkout www.zebaramos.com and use code 786FFC at check out for a 10% discount on your purchase, this discount is valid for a short time.

You can also follow Zeba Ramos and her fashion-forward advice on:

Blogger: https://hijabizlovefashiontoo.wordpress.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ZebaRamosClothing


Zeba Ramos is the founder and designer of Zeba Ramos Clothing.  Zeba was born and raised in Canada and moved to NYC in 2007. Living in New York she is highly influenced by the fashionable urban culture and also by the casual life style of Vancouver.

Website: http://zebaramos.com/

Contact: zeba@zebaramos.com

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zClEsxJOBQw&list=UUFpHkmqTa-kUW6XQyQX8bqA&index=1&feature=plcp


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