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I love buying skirts, especially short ones!!

20 Jan

Salaam Sisters,

You know when you’re at the mall and you see that little skirt that is so cute and you want to buy it, well, BUY IT!!! I always buy mini skirts, of course they have to be loose fitting around the thighs. Now you ask me why do I buy them?? Even the sales clerk looks at me and gives me that “why are you buying this?” look!! lol…I have blouses and t-shirts that don’t go past my butt, and I always like to have that covered. To fix that problem I like to mix my tops with the skirts and I wear them over jeans or pants. Sometimes I even wear them over a semi fitted skirt. The skirt blends in and it looks like it’s a part of my top. So the point I’m making here is that you can have fun with your wardrobe and mix & match mini skirts with tops. Check out this one that I just bought. I love it so much and it looks so fab with a t-shirt!!!

Also, if your married, why not surprise your hubby?? *wink wink…for those of you that are married, your hubby is the one person that can share anything with, so be spontaneous. Trust me, he will appreciate it and you can have a little fun too!!!

Mas Salaama xx



DIY Underscarf

14 Jan

Assalaam Alaykum,

Today I’m doing a step by step by pictures tutorial, requested by a sister who was having a hard time following the videos and she requested that I do a DIY under scarves. Have fun making your under scarves and remember to use stretch fabrics!!!


* 1  yard of stretch fabric

*measuring tape




*tailors chalk


*sewing machine

*overlock/serger (optional)


1. Measure your head circumference going over your ears, so from the top if your head, over your ears and around the back above your neck and back to where you started. For example, my measurement is 21.5″ and I’m adding 1/2″ to that measurement so it’ll come out to 22″ total, you should also add 1/2″ to your measurement.

2. Before jumping in and cutting the fabric, figure out which side stretches the most . The side with the most stretch will be the crosswise grain and the side that stretches the least will be the lengthwise grain. Take your head measurement and mark that on the crosswise grain, my’n would be 22″. Mark 16.5″ for the lengthwise grain. Take your tailors chalk and draw lines from the lengthwise grain measurement and crosswise grain measurement and cut out. You should end up with a rectangle.

3. Overlock or zigzag the edges to keep the fabric from fraying.

4. Match the lengthwise sides right sides together and pin along the edge.

5. Sew 1/2″ seam and for added support do a zigzag stitch next to the straight stitch.

6. Fold one end 1/2″ in towards the wrong side, pin and sew.

7. Fold that same end 4″ towards the wrong side and pin in place with the hem under that 4″. Do this all along making sure that the the top folded part is flat and not being turned or twisted. Sew the fold in place, sewing close to the edge.

8. Now the last step is to hem the other end. Hem 1/2″ all the way along.

There you have it, your new underscarf that you made on your own!! Great job!!!

Mas Salaama…
This one is for ZT who says I taught her how to sew which I doubt!!! LOL…

Vera Wang dress

5 Jan

Assalaam ALaykum ladies,

I hope your all well and enjoying the winter! I know I did for a minute and then I had the tough task of shoveling our car out of the snow. Oh how my back ached for days, but it was worth it, I had been stuck in the house for too long.

Vogue January 2011

Image courtesy of Vogue Magazine

This is a Vera Wang dress that I’m in love with. It’s a pink Japanese floral print Geisha dress.  The silk wool fabric is so gorgeous, I love the way it sits on the body. I would wear this dress with a black undershirt and pink silk hijab. Too bad the length isn’t to the ankle, so to fix that I would wear it with black straight leg pants. It for her Spring 2011 collection. I’M SO IN LOVE!!!!!

Mas Salaama xx