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BCBG Max Azria does it the hijabi way!

16 Feb

On a daily basis I check out what the new fall 2011 collections from various designers look like and what my favorite looks are, and I have a winner in hijabi style. Max Azria had some gorgeous designs and the one thing that I loved about his collection is that he used dresses with under shirts! I was so happy to see this and I’m wondering what his inspiration was for this collection. He has long and layered looks in his collection, a lot of styles that I myself would wear. I’m sure his wife Lubova had a great influence on him, they work closely together and are very successful! I have a BCBGeneration dress that my sister in law gifted me. I wore it for her bridal shower. BCBG is known for their mix and match separates and their dresses. Check out 3 runway looks from BCBG’s fall 2011 collection.

My favorite look, picture courtesy of

Picture courtesy of

Courtesy of

These 3 are my favorite looks from the collection but trust me there are plenty more that I love!!!



How to wear a square hijab

15 Feb

Salaam Sisters,

This is a video on how I wear my square hijabs. There is the common triangle way and this is my rectangular way. I hope you find this video helpful Insha’Allah!

Zeba Ramos
Mas Salaama

My trip to Lincoln Center MBFW…

14 Feb

It was a crisp cold day Saturday when my family and I made a trip down to Lincoln Center. It was the fourth day of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, this was my first trip to Lincoln Center and it was a fun and amusing trip! I saw some of the craziest fashions and some pretty decent ones too. I didn’t go to attend a show, you need an invite or you pay crazy money to attend, I would have paid to see a show, but I’m starting my own line so you can guess where my money is going! Along with 100 other people who were there to take pictures(tourists), camera crews and photographers, I sat on the water fountain bench and people watched.

The designers that are showing at Lincoln Center.

This is just outside the entrance, I saw a couple casually walk in with a bunch of people thinking they can get in without a pass and just as quickly as they walked up they were quickly turned away! It was funny, but I guess they thought that they could give it a shot!

Here’s me all bundled up wishing I could be inside rather then outside!!!

Hoping to catch a celebrity or even better a designer, but I’m sure they have their secret entrance.

This was one of the crazy get ups that I saw. People loved this man and were taking pictures of him. Honestly, I wish I had all that fur on to keep me warm!!! LOL

This women was so gorgeous and stylish! She was wearing a green skirt with slits on the sides and wore black legging underneath.

So my trip was fun, my son slept in his coziness and my hubby and I chilled as I enjoyed my caramel macchiato. Mandy Coon was showing when we arrived, Vivienne Tam was showing as I sat there and Mik Cire was next, but we were cold and hungry so we left. The show that I would have loved to see that day was Prabal Gurung and Charlotte Ronson, who I actually met and talked too. She is really sweet, she even played with my son.


Today is the first day of fashion week!!!

10 Feb

picture courtesy of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

During fashion week I get really inspired and every year I end up outside of Bryant Park. This past Sept I wasn’t in New York because I was visiting my family, so I never actually got the chance to make it to Lincoln Center, the recently new location for fashion week. This year I will make my trip down Insha’Allah, snap some photos from outside and share them with you. I would really like to attend a fashion show, I have yet to experience my first fashion show! Just being outside of the building is so exciting for me!!! LOL… I know I sound CRAZY!!! I can admit that I am a little!!! These are the designers that I would love to see, Behnaz Sarafpour, Marc Jacobs, Derek Lam, Thakoon, Prabal Gurang, Zac Posen and Proenza Schouler!!

This was the last time Fashion Week was held at Bryant Park. It was Feb 2010, I had to go and see all the lucky people that get to attend the shows!!!

Bryant Park 02/2010

Lets see what this February brings!

The skirt again!!!

3 Feb

I wanted to show you how I wear the skirt from the previous post. It’s super cold here and I’m wearing a waffle shirt with jeans, I find that the jeans fit me snug around the butt area. At home it’s not a problem, but when I’m going out I want to hide that, even if it means that I’m not taking my coat off, so to hide that issue I wore this skirt over my jeans. Please excuse the white socks!!! LOL…It’s one of my thicker socks and I love to stay warm!!!