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Infinity Scarf FUN!!!

29 Jun


You know when you have that favorite tshirt that you just can’t get rid of…well, I may have a solution for you lovely ladies!!! I have been doing this for a while, cutting up my shirts and it’s soooo much fun!!! I think you all should give it a try!! 😉

Infinity scarves are the circular tube like scarves. I first purchased one from AVON 6 years ago and wore it pinned up as a hijab and I remember going to a store and people were asking if it was my hair. Seriously!!! Anyways, I still have that one and my father in law bought me 3 from Peru. These scarves are so much fun because you can play around with it just like a hijab but you can also turn these scarves into shrugs!!!

So in my video I show you how you can make one by cutting up your shirt. I will insha’ALlah show you how to make one from scratch.

PS: So I didn’t realize that I was just recording the lower half of my face. My son sort of took off with my tripod and now I don’t know where it is…although I have a good idea what might have happened to it. Also, my son wanted to help me out with my voice over, so he does make a voice appearance in the video for a while and he’s LOUD!!! And lastly, it’s hot here and I had a fan on in the background and for that reason I had to voice over because the loudness of the fan took over my voice.


Mas Salaama



Edgy hijab style

24 Jun

Here is the video I promised. Enjoy!!! xx

Turning scraps of fabric into hijab…

21 Jun

I just got back from another amazing trip…I already miss my family and friends, but I have much to look forward too!!! Like my family coming to NY in 3 weeks Insha’Allah…we are going to have a blast together making this part two of my summer fun!!! BTW, Vancouver is not a bad city, the true Vancouverites and Canuck fans are not rioters! All of us were just as stunned and disgusted with what we saw as the rest of the world. I am proud of the Canucks for making it to the Stanley Cup Finals and for giving us a great season!!!

A while back I made a skirt made from ruffled material, the tutorial can be found on youtube and also here on my blog. So with the remaining material I was able to make myself a hijab. There are two ways to wearing it, I prefer one over the other, the way I have it in the picture has the ruffles falling down. I don’t really like to wear it that way, I prefer to have the ruffles facing back. I will post a tutorial on how to do wear it the other way this week Insha’Allah.

I hope you all enjoy the first day of summer Insha’Allah…xx