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So many things going on!!!

31 Jul

Assalaam Alaykum everyone,

So while I’ve been MIA I had a baby, had my family visiting me from Vancouver and I am working really hard to launch my collection at the end of August or beginning of September insha’Allah. It’s been crazy hectic in my house but it’s all well worth it!!!

I had a baby girl masha’Allah on June 14th’ 2012, she is so precious and my son has really taken well to her (masha’Allah), that was a major surprise but a surprise that I must say I’m really satisfied with! She’s a good baby, we have our nights lol, sometimes I’m not sure how I function during the day!!! LOL…I’ve never had puffy/blue under eye circles before, not even with my son, now it’s an added feature to my face. My OB/GYN was happy to see me alive and well during my postpartum check-up yesterday, she said that my pressure and heart beat were amazing…She’s met my son during every appointment lmao, so she understands what I mean when I say he’s VERY Berry naughty!!!

Okay, moving on, so Ramadan Kareem, a bit late but there it is. Ramadan has been amazing so far, although I’m not fasting and I feel bad for hubby who actually serves me breakfast and gets me water while I’m nursing. May Allah (SWT) reward him for his patience, Ameen. I had a successful Ifaari with my lovely friends over at my house this weekend. It turned out really nice, and it was nice hanging out 🙂

I finally got all my inventory from my manufacturer, now I’m working on the last-minute details and insha’Allah we shall be launching very soon!!! I’ve uploaded below some behind the scenes pictures of some of the styles. Don’t forget to go to my FB fanpage and LIKE to receive a discount code for you to use.

Zeba Ramos xoxo

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