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My first interview!

25 Apr

I was asked by Shukr Clothing for an interview and here it is. Just thought I’d share it with you all. Check it out

PS: Sorry about being MIA, these past few months have been crazy!!! Please keep the requests coming, I love have a full inbox and I’ll try my best to work on tutorials on my down time.



Pretty floral skirt…

15 Apr

I bought this beautiful floral print fabric about a month ago and decided to have fun with it and make a gathered skirt with it. It has an exposed zipper on the side.

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My little munchkin is busy playing in the background!!! He’s always up to no good lol!

Ruffled skirt tutorial

4 Apr

I was in the fabric store last weekend and while looking for sample fabrics, I found and fell in love with this ruffle fabric! I used it to make a maxi skirt and the remaining fabric I will be using it for a hijab. The skirt is really simple to make and it really shouldn’t take too long, just as long as you follow these steps! NO HEMMING INVOLVED!!!!


2 yds Ruffle fabric
2 1/4″(wide) elastic
matching thread
sewing machine
measuring tape

2 1/4" wide elastic

beautiful fabric!

1. Measure your hip and mark with pin on your fabric. Cut your fabric to desired length using your hip measurement plus 1″ for ease.

2. To make sure that your ruffles face down and don’t move while sewing the seam, do a baste stitch on your machine making sure that the ruffles face the same way.

basting ruffles in one direction

3. Pin along seam right sides together and stitch.



4. Wrap elastic around waist and pin, make sure that this feels snug but not tight. Cut elastic and sew the end with a zigzag stitch.

5. Mark four evenly spaced places on elastic and skirt. The fabric naturally will be slightly larger then elastic, stretch elastic as you sew the fabric and elastic together, rights sides facing together. It’s best to use a zigzag stitch as you sew these two pieces together.

elastic and fabric pinned together

stretch elastic as you sew