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Hijab front and back coverage

8 May

Hey Ladies,

Assalaam Alaykum, it’s been soooo long I know, I’ve been extremely busy and tired lately. Trying to get ready for new baby and getting the final products for my line. I’ve been so frustrated with the manufacturer, they are taking too long. So now I have to release my first collection in August insha’Allah. The baby is almost here insha’Allah and I don’t want to stress to the point where my doctor puts me on bed rest. My son is becoming more attached to me and he hardly lets his father do things for him. It’s mommy for everything, I guess he know’s that things are going to change a little bit. It makes me sad, I don’t want him to ever feel left out or unwanted and I’m afraid that for a little while he will feel like that. I have been taking him out as much as possible just to make him feel special and he will get two surprises the day his sibling is born, one he will be a big brother and two he will get a gift from the newborn :). For all of you mommies that have dealt with this surely know where I am coming from….on top of all this I can’t seem to keep my eyes open, I can only do one eventful thing a day lol…

Okay, so the whole point of this blog is to show you how you can get coverage using a rectangular hijab that doesn’t really have much width. I also show you another way to to wear a square hijab with more coverage. I did the tutorial but the way I wear my hijab is a little sloppy lol, sorry, but trust me, I don’t really walk out my door with it looking the way it did in the video. 🙂


Mas Salaama

Zeba Ramos