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The Sari Abaya I Made On Me…

6 Mar

A while back I did a tutorial on an abaya I made out of a sari (indian garment that you wrap and drape around your body), and here I am wearing it to show you how it looks on an actual person. I absolutely love the color and look of this abaya, but like I said before, I am not big on abayas, I don’t really wear them. I guess I will save this for a special occasion, maybe Eid-ul-Fitr this summer??? It’s perfect for the summer, it’s light and airy and very comfortable.

Adjusting the hem of my abaya, the hem and the center piece (two borders pieces sewn together) was once the border of the sari.

Hijab made from remaining fabric, I just serged the edges, but you can hand hem or machine hem it as well, the finish looks clean without any fraying.

Gorgeous pattern!!!

The color is just fabulous!

Oh yeah, I'm kind of preggers!!! 😉 xx

Here is the link on the tutorial I did on the abaya, https://hijabizlovefashiontoo.wordpress.com/2012/01/18/diy-abaya/. Sorry about the video quality, when I was recording the lighting was great in my room and then I saw the video!!! :(…

You can be as creative as you like, you never have to follow my directions or anyone elses completely unless you want your garment to look the exact same way as the one your following. Try different fabrics and colors and prints, you may not always like your results, but it doesn’t hurt to experiment a little.

Zeba Ramos xx


Recycled Tee-shirt pillow case for your little one

28 Feb

My son is obsessed with Thomas the Train Engine and other cartoon characters. He has outgrown two of his favorite tee shirts, I wanted to recycle them, so I am making pillow cases out of them. I went to IKEA and bought two 14″ by 14″ square pillows and now I will make pillow cases out of his tee shirts for them.

During the process my son was a bit upset that I was cutting up his tee-shirt and he wasn’t very happy, but now he loves his pillow case and sleeps with it at night. My son is 2 years and  4 months old and he has to wear size 3 unless size 2 looks BIG. He isn’t heavy, he’s just tall and has long arms and a long torso, so everything looks short on him. A lot of his tops and bottoms are too short on him and that’s where the tee-shirt comes into play, this is one of his favorite tee shirts and I didn’t want to donate it because he loves it so much. 😉

Here is the step by step on how I made the tee-shirt pillow case. It’s so simple and my son is extremely happy that he still has his Thomas Tee. You can even use a dress that you can’t part with and make a cute pillow case for your daughter!


  • kids tee-shirt
  • small pillow (I bought my pillow from IKEA, ‘IRMA cushion $1.99, Length 14″, Width 14″ ‘)
  • stitch ripper
  • pins
  • ruler
  • marking tool
  • scissors
  • point turner or pencil to push out corners
  • sewing machine

Some of the items you will need

Using your stitch ripper, remove the hem on the bottom of the tee-shirt

remove all the thread that you have just ripped out

Insert your pillow into the tee-shirt

Pin the bottom

Now pin across the top shoulder to shoulder, try to make it a snug fit

Remove the pillow and using your ruler and marking tool, draw a straight line from the bottom of the tee-shirt to the top of the sleeve. Make this as straight as possible.

Trace over the shoulder to shoulder pins, remove the pins now and draw a straight line across.

Pin all your markings

Insert your pillow and check the fitting and if you need to any needed adjustments

Stitch where you have made all your markings (shoulder to shoulder, top of sleeve to bottom of tee-shirt on both sides), also stitch the bottom closed, leaving a 3-4

Trim off all excess fabric, leaving 1/2" seam allowance and clip the corners, so that when you turn the corners it'll look nice and clean.

Turn the tee-shirt right side out and push out the corners.

Time to insert the pillow through the bottom opening.

Once the pillow is in, start pinning this opening, remembering to turn in the 1/2" seam allowance.

This is what you should end up with once you've pinned the bottom together.

Stitch the opening closed.

TA DA!!! There it is, really simple and easy to make!!!

This was a fun project for me, now I will make him another one and I’ve decided to make him a blanket with all his other character tee shirts once he’s grown out of them, and so far I have a nice collection!!! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!!!


My beaded necklace

9 Feb

Salaam All,

I was feeling very creative, but I wanted to do something other then sewing. So I started digging in my drawers and found my bead box and I thought why not make a necklace. My project took me a total of 3 hours. At first I thought, this is going to take me forever and I almost stopped. I walked away, got something to drink and made my way back to my table where I continued to bead and I realized that once I got a hang of it, it didn’t take as long as I antisipated. This is a great project to do with young girls and it turned out to be fun for me too. My little munchkin loved it so much that he made me try it on him too, lol.

Beab box, the beads I used once lived in the boxes that are empty

The clear necklace wire I used, and a sample of one small strand of beads

I used long cylinder beads

So that’s it, I hope your inspired to make something too!! 😉

Zeba Ramos

A dress for Prom…

27 Jul

Two weeks before I had to leave for my Vancouver trip I agreed to make a prom dress for my sister in laws sister in law. Ha ha, if that makes any sense to anyone?? She is very tall, stunning and very thin. This was a very exciting project for me, one I wanted to complete in less then 20 hours. I am very proud to say that I did complete it in 18hours. Ofcourse it wasn’t a total of 18 hours in one day but over one week. The hem has fishing wire to help the dress look like it’s flowing in the air.

This is not my design, my model really wanted this gown for her prom, so here it is 🙂

The Process

Fitting and Pinning

Behind the scenes!

This really was a fun project for me and I really loved the model who the dress was made for. I had a good time at the photo shoot at Central Park!!! Thanks Rakee Photography and also a big thanks to my sister in law for the behind the scenes pics during the process!! xx

Pretty floral skirt…

15 Apr

I bought this beautiful floral print fabric about a month ago and decided to have fun with it and make a gathered skirt with it. It has an exposed zipper on the side.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My little munchkin is busy playing in the background!!! He’s always up to no good lol!

Ruffled skirt tutorial

4 Apr

I was in the fabric store last weekend and while looking for sample fabrics, I found and fell in love with this ruffle fabric! I used it to make a maxi skirt and the remaining fabric I will be using it for a hijab. The skirt is really simple to make and it really shouldn’t take too long, just as long as you follow these steps! NO HEMMING INVOLVED!!!!


2 yds Ruffle fabric
2 1/4″(wide) elastic
matching thread
sewing machine
measuring tape

2 1/4" wide elastic

beautiful fabric!

1. Measure your hip and mark with pin on your fabric. Cut your fabric to desired length using your hip measurement plus 1″ for ease.

2. To make sure that your ruffles face down and don’t move while sewing the seam, do a baste stitch on your machine making sure that the ruffles face the same way.

basting ruffles in one direction

3. Pin along seam right sides together and stitch.



4. Wrap elastic around waist and pin, make sure that this feels snug but not tight. Cut elastic and sew the end with a zigzag stitch.

5. Mark four evenly spaced places on elastic and skirt. The fabric naturally will be slightly larger then elastic, stretch elastic as you sew the fabric and elastic together, rights sides facing together. It’s best to use a zigzag stitch as you sew these two pieces together.

elastic and fabric pinned together

stretch elastic as you sew


Making a hijab with ruffles.

7 Dec

Assalaam Alaykum,

So I finally got a chance to do a video tutorial. I did one on how to make a hijab with ruffles. I really hope you all have fun making this hijab, I did and I will make some more when I get a chance. I wanted to add that you can add the ruffles the ruffles to any edge. It’s all up to you, you be the designer. It’s so much fun. I will make another one and post pictures of it. I won’t say soon, because my life is crazy busy, but I will do it.

A few things I forgot to mention in the video;

1. Be creative and add the ruffles in layers, on all edges, 3 edges, or just one edge.

2. When sewing a french seam, first sew the wrong sides together and then when you turn over, you will be sewing the right sides together.

3. When adding the ruffles, make sure you pin the right sides together!!! And evenly spread out the ruffles.

4. You can add more fabric strips to add more ruffles. Again, I will do it and show you some other time Insha’Allah.

5. You can finish off with a zigzag stitch or even use an overlock/serger to secure the seam and stitch.

I hope you all do an amazing job and good luck with your project. If you wish, you can send in pics of your finished hijab to hijabizlovefashiontoo@gmail.com. Look forward to hearing from you.


Front View

Back View