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From My Collection

13 Sep


Here is a look from my collection, it’s the Shirred Blouse in Animal Print. I added a belt, you may or may not do this, I pulled some of the fabirc out over the belt. Right now I’m nursing my baby and I had to constantly remove the belt and eventually just took it off. This may be why I look a little bit disheveled. It looks great both ways. I’m wearing a plain purple square hijab, it’s my MOMMY’S hijab and it is very dear to me. I have the back tucked in my blouse and the only pin that I am using is the one holding the two ends at the back of my head. I losely pulled the hijab and wrapped it at the back. I wanted to show the shirring and the yoke of the blouse. This was my Sunday out to promote my clothing line look 🙂 And yes I had my baby attached to me, she doesn’t seem to like anyone but me, I LOVE it he he he….

Mas Salaama xx


Hooded Hijab Tutorial!

3 Sep

Assalaam Alaykum All,

I’m so sorry about the really late blog, I’ve had a crazy week. I won’t even get into it!!! But trying to make this video is part of it. I really do apologize for the poor quality, I had so many issues, for once I was like let me show my face, and the steps and in the end it was the biggest pain in the who know where! So next time there won’t be much of that. I was relying on my husband, but he was working so hard and such long hours this week that when he was home, he was fast asleep.

I had to record my recored video! How ghetto is that?? LOL, in that I lost a major step and that was the part where I show you how to cut the hoodie part of the hijab. I’m just going to write out a short step by step and I really hope you understand and I have provided a little diagram for you also.

1. Fold your pashmina in half as shown in diagram.
2. Pin along the open edge to stop the fabric from moving.
3. Measure down 10″ on folded side and mark with pins, then measure down 5″ from that point and pin.
4. Cut open the 10″ fold to the 5″ mark and pin together the two sides to secure it.
5. Cut from the bottom of the pashmina up to the 5″ point (the really long slit). Remember to leave the 5″ area in tack, do not cut, you need this folded area!!!
6. Take your hoodie and place it over the pashmina as shown in the diagram. The hoodie is there as a guide, just follow your instincts and cut a nice curve. Pin along the curve to secure in place.
7. Sew the hoodie part of hijab, 1/2″, and as you get closer to the 5″ area, get closer to the edge.
8. If you do not have a serger or overlock machine, then hem the inner slit that you cut open earlier, a good guide to follow is 1/4 of an inch. Also serge/overlock or hem the hoodie seam, and the part the sticks out at the top, stitch it down with a straight stitch. If you don’t know what I mean, you will once you try on you hooded hijab.

I hope to see pictures of your hooded hijabs!!! I’ll be making more from different materials and posting pictures in the future.

Enjoy my crafty hijabi girlies!!!

Mas Salaama

Something lacy & blue continued

16 Jul

Assalaamu Alaykum all!

Jummah Mubarak! I hope you all are well Insha’Allah. As we are getting closer to another RAMADAN, let us all prepare! This will be the time to learn and understand our religion and most importantly get closer to our Creator Insha’Allah. Lets welcome this blessed month into our hearts and homes!

I designed a long sleeved tunic/dress for myself, sketched out my design and blogged about at the end of June. I finished sewing it a few days ago. I changed my design along the way, which I often do because I think of something better, but this time I had no choice. I wanted to add asymmetrical ruffles for the skirt part of the tunic/dress but in the end I didn’t have enough fabric. I bought the fabric from a flea market a while back and so I couldn’t go out and buy anymore of it. What I did instead was make the skirt into gathered bubbles, I had enough fabric for that and it worked out great.

I have had a chance to try it on but I haven’t taken pictures, so for now it’ll be on a mannequin. I love it! I know it’s very egotistical of me to say that I love my own designs and I love to wear them. This is rare, I’m never happy with my results and a lot of times I need assurance that it looks great. So, ALLHUMDULILLAH, when I get a good start to finish with minimal issues, i’m very happy with my results, hence this tunic/dress.

Stay tuned for me in it.
25 days till Ramadan!!! *Don’t forget to make up your fasts!*

PS: Sisters, what would you like me to blog about? Feel free to send in suggestions, drop me an email or comment below.

Mas Salaama

front view

side view

back view

view from below

Something lacy & blue

29 Jun

I designed this tunic for myself as I need some fun and cute outfits for my upcoming trips. I bought this lovely lace one day when we went to a flee market. They have fabric vendors there, and that’s what gets me all excited, and I force hubby to take me. A lot of times I don’t like the fabric, but I still like to go. This time I got lucky, and I found this blue lace. I chose a forest-y green fabric for the lining. So in the next few weeks I will be making it. Stay tuned!

Temporary work space…and something I made for me

11 Jun

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This is where I do my pattern making, cutting, sewing and ironing. I am also trying to sketch better and that I do randomly through out the house. lol I made this tunic a week ago, just something light to wear during the summer.