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The Veiled Threat – a documentary by Rabia Z.

19 Sep

A documentary I really want to see. I love Rabia Z!!! Such an outstanding designer and absolutely stunning masha’Allah!!! May Allah(swt) give me the ability to be as creative as Miss Rabia Z!!! Insha’Allah!!! Ameen

The Veiled Threat – a documentary by Rabia Z..

Zeba Ramos xx


reconstruct a t-shirt

8 Sep

Assalaam ALaykum and a late Eid Mubarak,

So my day started off really good, and then the usual happened, something that should have taken me about 20mins took me 45!!! I am really sorry about my video, I seriously have the worst luck. If anyone of you has any questions regarding the reconstruction of the t-shirt, please don’t hesitate to ask. This is really simple to do, once you do one you’ll be tempted to do it over and over again….that’s how simple this is…have fun with the colors you purchase in your T-Shirts!!!


XXXL T-SHIRT (or what ever size you want depending on fit)

measuring tape

straight pins

marking tool

french curve or t-shirt to follow arm hole


sewing mating with matching thread


Lay out the t-shirt on a flat surface and even it out so that there aren’t any folds or bubbles.

2. Measure your shoulder and mark on the t-shrit shoulder with 1/2″ seam allowance.

3. Measure your armhole or take the measurement from another t-shirt you own, trace this measurement onto the shirt from the top of your shoulder mark.

4. Draw a line from the end of your armhole measurement on an angle to the side edge of the shirt, this is to make an A-line bottom. Make the it as loose or as fitted as you like at this point. You can make any shape as well, hour glass, straight, a-line…

5. Cut out all your markings.

6. Now measure your arm length from shoulder cap to wrist top and underarm to wrist bottom, mark these onto the sleeve of the t-shirt near the original armhole. Place the sleeve under the armhole that you just cut (0n the t-shirt) and line up your sleeve length marks with the armhole. There is no need to mark at this point, you should just cut by following your armhole on the t-shirt.

7. Find the center of the neck and bottom sweep and fold the t-shirt in half, pin at the bottom and at the neck, also pin the shoulders together. Once you have everything flattened out and smoothed all the creases out, follow the opposite sides measurement to cut side and armhole.

8. Place the sleeves together and cut the other sleeve out.

9. Pin the sides of the t-shirt together and sew 1/2″ seam allowance.

10. Line up the armholes and pin together as you would any other sleeve to top. You may need to ease it in by stretching a little. And sew 1/2″ seam allowance for the armholes.

There you have it, you’re modest feminine t-shirt. I bought white and I will probably die my t-shirt to another color. Good luck with your project!!!

Mas Salaama

Zeba Ramos xx