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Atiya Khan, former Pakistani supermodel turned hijab designer

30 Nov

Salaam ladies,

My sister in law found this article on Yahoo today. Atiya Khan was Pakistan’s first supermodel. Although she herself does not adorn the hijab, she designs them. But according to her, she has said, “I used to wear the hijab myself.” I think it’s kinda strange that someone would design something that they don’t wear, but I do like her concept. But who am I to judge right!!! xx Take a look at the video, she is a stunning lady!! Masha’Allah! Mas Salaama 


SO sorry!!!

23 Nov

Salaam ladies!!!

I’ve been so busy with the clothing line! Allhumdulillah everything is coming along. I’m getting my patterns made and I’ve placed my first order with fabric swatches today. I love fabric, my mouth is watering just thinking about the fabrics!! Mmmmm!!!

I was thinking about my next video and I have the perfect idea in mind. I’ve been thinking about it for a while, I’m hoping to have it done and up for you really soon!!!

For the time being, if you have any requests, please email me. I would like to thank all the ladies who email me and comment and show thier love. I would name you all, but I’m afraid that I would forget someone and hurt thier feelings! Thank you so much for your support and love! And thank you so much for taking my survey! It really helped me out. You all ROCK!!!



Mas Salaama

Enjoying a frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity!!!

And the Survey says…

11 Nov

Assalaam Alaykum,

As you may or may not know, I am in the process of starting my own clothing line. I haven’t yet revealed the name. Insha’Allah that will come in due time. I do need the help of my hijabi or non hijabi sisters out there. I am doing a survey here to help me with some difficult decisions I have to make and also to see what my future customer are looking for. Thank you so much for participating!! I really appreciate your input and I will use it to the best of my ability in my clothing line insha’Allah!

Please be assured that these answers are private, I will not know who took the survey, nor do I care, I just would like as much input as possible.

Thank you so much ladies!!!



Mas Salaama

Puerto Vallarta my love….

10 Nov

When I was young, I never wanted to travel to Mexico, or to Hawaii, I never wanted to live in the U.S. and I never thought that I’d be married to a Peruvian man! Well, now that I’m older, life has totally taken me for a wild and unexpected ride! I never in my wildest dreams thought that I’d be sitting with my husband and son in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico on a resort relaxing and even getting a facial!! The reason we traveled to this beautiful place was for my sister in laws wedding. And it was such an incredible experience. I will never forget it, the wedding was amazing and the location was stunning! The wedding was at this restaurant called Le Kliffe and the views from there are absolutely stunning. It’s a restaurant build on a cliff that’s kind of in jungle!!! How crazy is that!?

This is the view from our room. It was so romantic and incredible! We just loved it!

We were watching the sunset and I loved the way the water looked!

As you can tell, I never got enough of sunsets!!! LOL…we were there for 9 days, so we always caught a glimpse of a sunset somewhere!

This was my outfit for the rehearsal dinner. Again, it was at this restaurant that was located in front of the ocean and again you can sea the sunset from there. But we missed it because the dinner was a little late. It was still amazing!!!

And Finally this is what I wore for the wedding. The dress my hubby bought me, the undershirt and hijab I made. It was really comfortable, I wish I got a picture of my shoes. It made the outfit. Too bad you couldn’t see them!! lol…