SO sorry!!!

23 Nov

Salaam ladies!!!

I’ve been so busy with the clothing line! Allhumdulillah everything is coming along. I’m getting my patterns made and I’ve placed my first order with fabric swatches today. I love fabric, my mouth is watering just thinking about the fabrics!! Mmmmm!!!

I was thinking about my next video and I have the perfect idea in mind. I’ve been thinking about it for a while, I’m hoping to have it done and up for you really soon!!!

For the time being, if you have any requests, please email me. I would like to thank all the ladies who email me and comment and show thier love. I would name you all, but I’m afraid that I would forget someone and hurt thier feelings! Thank you so much for your support and love! And thank you so much for taking my survey! It really helped me out. You all ROCK!!!



Mas Salaama

Enjoying a frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity!!!


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