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Quickly becoming a MUST HAVE!!!

19 Dec

The Dolman Sleeve Hoodie has become the Top Seller in our shop. This must have hoodie is affordable, loose and long, it’s perfect for those chilly nights ahead. Both colors are popular with our customers, our personal favorite is the grey hoodie, but who says you just have to pick one?! 🙂

I love to throw the grey hoodie on over my T-Shirt Dress after a hardcore work out at the gym. I designed this hoodie keeping in mind that it will be used for lounging around, working out or as a pull over after a work out. I wanted to make something ready to wear so that when you’re running out the door to throw out the trash or take the kids to school, it’ll be easy and simple. I love to keep warm and I think that the fabric of choice was perfect to keep you and I cozy.

Grey Hoodie $20 zebaramos.com

Grey Hoodie $20 zebaramos.com




A few items I want from Aritzia

18 Dec

I am so in love with the PARK SLOPE VEST from Talula and both of these ASTORIA SWEATERS from Talula that are sold at Aritzia. I like that the sweaters are long but they will be fitted on me so I would need to go up two sizes for it to be a comfortable loose fit and the vest I will most likely buy in a size larger. I just like to wear everything loose and not draw attention to my figure as I have two problem attention drawers which is my chest and my behind. The issue I seem to run into when buying clothes a few sizes above my actual size is the shoulders sloping down and not sitting correctly on me and the neckline seems to get a little bigger too. Lucky for me that I am able to fix the shoulder if I need to but I can’t do much about the neckline, the only way I can hide my chest is with my hijab or by wearing an undershirt. My main thing right now is ease and comfort as I am nursing my baby so I like to be able to easily access her food lol.  Do you love these or is it just me??? 🙂


A statement vest in plush, luxuriously soft faux fur $110


Lightweight angora and cashmere with a slouchy fit $75


Lightweight angora and cashmere with a nautical stripe $80



From My Collection

13 Sep


Here is a look from my collection, it’s the Shirred Blouse in Animal Print. I added a belt, you may or may not do this, I pulled some of the fabirc out over the belt. Right now I’m nursing my baby and I had to constantly remove the belt and eventually just took it off. This may be why I look a little bit disheveled. It looks great both ways. I’m wearing a plain purple square hijab, it’s my MOMMY’S hijab and it is very dear to me. I have the back tucked in my blouse and the only pin that I am using is the one holding the two ends at the back of my head. I losely pulled the hijab and wrapped it at the back. I wanted to show the shirring and the yoke of the blouse. This was my Sunday out to promote my clothing line look 🙂 And yes I had my baby attached to me, she doesn’t seem to like anyone but me, I LOVE it he he he….

Mas Salaama xx

Dresses we love <3 <3

15 Aug

Since it’s summer right now, it’s the perfect time to go dress hunting!! Maxi dresses and Tunic styles we love!

Banana Republic $250

Banana Republic $250

Old Navy $39.94

Old Navy $39.94

Old Navy $44.94

Old Navy $44.94

Forever21 $19.80

Fun styles and print that you can layer and play around with!!! xx

LaDecence Hijabs & Accessories

1 Mar

I love hijabs and my favorite ones are from Pakistan, maybe it’s because my mom was Pakistani or maybe it’s because I have bought a lot of hijabs and many of them are from Pakistan? Ladecence Hijab has stunning hijabs at stellar prices! The seller herself is originally from Pakistan and is now located in Kansas, USA. Most of her hijabs are from Pakistan, the fabrication of some of the Scarves are of a soft-weave viscose and some are made of cotton, you can also find lace hijabs too. The weather in Pakistan is hot so a lot of the hijabs are light weight, perfect for spring and summer. You will find a variety of designs and materials in her collection of hijabs. She ships as low as $2.50 within the USA, $3.50 within canada and $7.50 for Australia and the UK.

She doesn’t have a website but she does sell her hijabs on EBAY and also has a fanpage on Facebook. Check out some of the hijabs below!



I hope you love the hijabs just as much as I do!!

Mas Salaama xx

The skirt again!!!

3 Feb

I wanted to show you how I wear the skirt from the previous post. It’s super cold here and I’m wearing a waffle shirt with jeans, I find that the jeans fit me snug around the butt area. At home it’s not a problem, but when I’m going out I want to hide that, even if it means that I’m not taking my coat off, so to hide that issue I wore this skirt over my jeans. Please excuse the white socks!!! LOL…It’s one of my thicker socks and I love to stay warm!!!

I love buying skirts, especially short ones!!

20 Jan

Salaam Sisters,

You know when you’re at the mall and you see that little skirt that is so cute and you want to buy it, well, BUY IT!!! I always buy mini skirts, of course they have to be loose fitting around the thighs. Now you ask me why do I buy them?? Even the sales clerk looks at me and gives me that “why are you buying this?” look!! lol…I have blouses and t-shirts that don’t go past my butt, and I always like to have that covered. To fix that problem I like to mix my tops with the skirts and I wear them over jeans or pants. Sometimes I even wear them over a semi fitted skirt. The skirt blends in and it looks like it’s a part of my top. So the point I’m making here is that you can have fun with your wardrobe and mix & match mini skirts with tops. Check out this one that I just bought. I love it so much and it looks so fab with a t-shirt!!!

Also, if your married, why not surprise your hubby?? *wink wink…for those of you that are married, your hubby is the one person that can share anything with, so be spontaneous. Trust me, he will appreciate it and you can have a little fun too!!!

Mas Salaama xx