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Simple & easy way to style hijab

24 Dec

Assalaam Alaykum,

This post and video is dedicated to my lovely family and friends in Vancouver and around the world and also to “N” in Chicago!!!

Mas Salaama


Making a hijab with ruffles.

7 Dec

Assalaam Alaykum,

So I finally got a chance to do a video tutorial. I did one on how to make a hijab with ruffles. I really hope you all have fun making this hijab, I did and I will make some more when I get a chance. I wanted to add that you can add the ruffles the ruffles to any edge. It’s all up to you, you be the designer. It’s so much fun. I will make another one and post pictures of it. I won’t say soon, because my life is crazy busy, but I will do it.

A few things I forgot to mention in the video;

1. Be creative and add the ruffles in layers, on all edges, 3 edges, or just one edge.

2. When sewing a french seam, first sew the wrong sides together and then when you turn over, you will be sewing the right sides together.

3. When adding the ruffles, make sure you pin the right sides together!!! And evenly spread out the ruffles.

4. You can add more fabric strips to add more ruffles. Again, I will do it and show you some other time Insha’Allah.

5. You can finish off with a zigzag stitch or even use an overlock/serger to secure the seam and stitch.

I hope you all do an amazing job and good luck with your project. If you wish, you can send in pics of your finished hijab to Look forward to hearing from you.


Front View

Back View

Vela Clothing

6 Dec

Assalaam Alaykum my sista’s,

I hope you’re all in good health Insha’Allah! Let me introduce to you another amazing new UK clothing line that actually launched on the web today, they are called Vela Clothing. 

I have had the pleasure and honor of reviewing the website and clothing before the launch. They sell everything from hijabs to wedding gowns, abaya’s, bags and also some snazzy evening sandals. Vela Clothing’s inspiration came from the elegance of women in Turkey which they transformed into modest and professional abaya’s for women in Britain and in the West.

One of my favorite pieces is the pink taffeta wedding gown! I would wear it with a light pink undershirt and spruce it up with a fancy hijab and some type of head-piece for drama!! They also sell gorgeous Turkish hijabs that you can mix and match with the abaya’s. If you are going to a ladies party, then you can get away with wearing the gown without much coverage, but if you’re like me, and prefer to cover your arms, throw on a shawl or a shrug/bolero. If you are the bride or are attending a wedding, buy an undershirt fabricated in stretch rayon or polyester for a slight shine effect to put the outfit together.

Please join Vela Clothing on Facebook, follow them on Twitter and don’t forget to register on their website at site for email updates. They will be having promotions and who knows, you may be the lucky winner!!

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VELA, you look amazing!! xx