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Ramadan Kareem!

10 Aug

Assalaam Alaykum,

So life as you know is isn’t all about fashion! There is so much more to life then what we think. I am guilty of countless worldly pleasures, and I’m saddened to say that mostly during Ramadan I am reminded of it. This is the time to ask and be forgiven for all our sins and to devote our selves to our Creator! We always say thank you to everyone, but how often do we thank Allah for what we have? How often do we express our gratitude to the One and Only Lord, the One that created the entire Universe and everything that exists in it?

One thing I like to do for Ramadan is make goals, and I would like to share these goals with you.

These are my goals for Ramadan:

1. To get closer to Allah SWT.

2. To ask for forgiveness for my past, present and future sins.

3. To thank Allah for ALL that I have.

4. To read, learn and understand the Qur’an as much as I can.

5. To finish reading 3 Islamic books.

6. To continue living my regular life but fit all of the above in it.

7. And in my spare time to remember and worship Allah as much as I can!

Insha’Allah I hope to accomplish all of this within 28days. I am also leaving to Vancouver on the 29th day of Ramadan Insha’Allah. Now, this is if Ramadan starts tonight. I will blog as well, but not so much. xx

This is the first book I will be reading. My goal is to finish this book in 8-10days Insha’Allah.  

Mas Salaama
***Enjoy the blessings of this month!!!***

DYI Prayer Skirt (very simple!!!)

6 Aug

Assalaamu Alaykum sisters,

I know I have been making this promise for a long time and I finally did it!!! I really was waiting for my hubby so he could record while I was sewing, but life is full of surprises and things just kept coming up! Family and health always comes first!

Ramadan is right around the corner literally! So this is just a little something to get us sisters prepared! If I had a little daughter, I would make her a little prayer hijab in PINK, insha’Allah one day!!! Ya ALLAH, I make DUA for a little PRINCESS!!! I have my PRINCE!!! Okay, back on topic, so making a praying hijab(is there another name for it???), like my mom would call it namaz ki dupata, and I call it prayer hijab, but am I missing something here? They  really are so useful, and I really love them. I have 2 handy dandy baskets that I keep my prayer mats, hijabs and skirts in, one in my bedroom and one in the living room. I learned this trick from my beautiful mummy JAAN ( she was an amazing women!!!), it helps keep my house looking neat and organized. I could be wearing just about anything and when it’s salat time all I have to do is make wudu and slip on my prayer garments and i’m ready to worship my LORD!! Simple as that. So here is how you can make yourself a prayer hijab too.

What you will need:

2.5-3 yards of FABRIC (depending on how long you want to make yours)




trims (optional)

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I really do hope to see some finished products please!!! If you don’t want your faces to be seen, all you have  to do is hide your faces, crop them out, blur them out, or just simply cover them!!! I am just shy of 2000 visitors to my blog!!!  I know there are readers, and many of you email me but are too shy to comment or send pictures. How about the ladies who requested the prayer hijab? 😉 xx

Mas Salaama

I hope to have another post before the start of Ramadan, but we’ll see, I have a few dinners that I need to attend..people to see, stuff to do, trips to prep for and most importantly a great visitor to welcome!!! RAMADAN!!! Insha’ALLAH!!!

Hijab tutorials by Amena

7 Jul

Assalaamu Alaykum all, and hello to my non Muslim sisters,

Okay, for those of you who haven’t already heard of Amena, let me introduce her to you. Amena is this beautiful British sister who not only gives amazing hijab tutorials on youtube but she also has video’s where she gives Islamic knowledge and some baby gadget reviews and if that isn’t awesome enough, she also sells gorgeous hijabs!!! I have mentioned pearl daisy in some of my earlier posts and I have worn some of PD’s hijabs that I bought off the website at . Not only are her hijabs beautiful but the prices are amazing too. Sisters you don’t have to worry about spending too much, these hijabs and under scarves are totally affordable!

Amena is so cute and charming and her son is always trying to make an appearance in her videos!! As I realized lately that babies want to be heard and seen too! I love Amena’s accent! If I ever make it back to England to visit my family, I would love to meet Amena. I can’t wait to buy from her again! I would also like to point out that her customer service is great, I give her 5 stars! I had a slight issue and she responded quickly and fixed my issue promptly! I wanted to order a million hijabs, but Pearl Daisy is really popular and sells out quickly!!!  So when she says that she’s in stock and you can place your orders, don’t hold back!

Check out Amena’s youtube channel. .

Just a few items from PD and unfortunately I bought a few days before Amena restocked!! I was crushed. Next time Insha’Allah I will buy when she is re-stocked! I’m in love with the printed hijabs and can’t wait to get my hands on a few of them!!!

Lace Hijab in beige and navy blue and black bonnet

I have a navy blue hijab that I also bought from PD, but its wrinkled and I don’t have the energy to iron it in this heat! Check out the hijabs on also become a fan on facebook

Have a fabulous fashionable day ladies!!!

Mas Salaama

Graffiti Inspiration

28 Jun

Hardcore Chicks! This term suits hijabi’s. Not in a “yeah, we’re hard core, lets kick some a….”, but more of a “I’m a hardcore Muslimah, I rock the hijab, I love myself and i do it strictly for ALLAH!”. I wasn’t even the one who spotted this great art, it was my husband and he drove around so I could get a better look! I always see it, but I’ve never really looked at it and I was glad that he stopped for me to admire. This inspired me and also reminded me of this Islamic graffiti artist Mohammed Ali. He does some amazing work, check out his website at His work has been displayed in Abu Dhabi. Check out his documentary below.

Amal Murad, abaya fashion designer

23 Jun

Amal Murad is a UAE abaya fashion designer. Her designs are amazing, I love her work!!! She incorporates the latest fashion trends into her designs, adds a touch of color, or print to make the most stunning styles! She is an inspiration to me. Although I myself don’t wear abaya’s, her designs make me want to wear them!! Some time in the near future one of Amal Murad’s abaya’s will make its way into my closet. Here are some of her designs shown during Dubai fashion week 2010. Does anyone out there already own a designer piece by Amal Murad? If you do, please free to send a picture of you wearing it!

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