Using a necklace as a hijab pin

18 Nov

What to do when your wearing all black with a printed sweater???? Add a necklace to your hijab! That’s what I did here, I wanted to wear a necklace but with nursing it is difficult, my daughter pulls on my hijab, shirt and necklaces, I don’t want her little hands to hurt or get scratches. What I’ve done here is added a cute pin and weaved it through the clasp(closure for necklace), and I used another pin underneath my hijab so it’s hidden and pinned the loops that the closure would go through. You have to play with it a little to make sure it hangs properly.


Hope you try it out!!! x


Great Minds Think Alike ;D

7 Oct

Hey Salaam everyone,

I designed my collection almost 2 years ago and yesterday I came across these two dresses online and I must say that great minds think alike!!! ūüôā I did a giveaway a¬†few weeks ago and the winner chose this dress in Plum.¬†I sell the Aziza-Shirred Maxi Dress in TEAL, BLACK & PLUM.

Valentino has a similar dress in red for Spring 2013, the material is light and see through in the sleeves, and the dress on Jennifer Love Hewitt is a bright yellow which she wore to the 2012 Variety Power of Women Luncheon.

Valentino Spring 2013

Jennifer Love Hewitt at the 2012 Variety Power of Women Luncheon

The dresses below are from my collection, we accessorized with a belt and hijab.

Aziza-Shirred Maxi Dress in TEAL

Aziza-Shirred Maxi Dress in PLUM

Mas Salaama
Zeba Ramos xx


23 Sep

Assalaam Alaykum,

I’m on my way to the Muslim Day Parade in Manhattan. It’s a beautiful day and I’m hoping to see a lot of beautiful people. I will be doing a specail give away, all you have to do is be the first person to approach me and you get a free item of your choice from my collection. Follow me on Twitter¬†or like my FaceBook page¬†to get updates on my day!! Hope to see you there insha’Allah!

Mas Salaama

Zeba Ramos xx

From My Collection

13 Sep


Here is a look from my collection, it’s the Shirred Blouse in Animal Print. I added a belt, you may or may not do this,¬†I pulled some of the¬†fabirc out over the belt.¬†Right now I’m nursing my baby and I had to constantly remove the belt and eventually just took it off.¬†This may be why I look a little bit disheveled.¬†It looks great both ways. I’m wearing a plain purple square hijab, it’s my MOMMY’S hijab and it is very dear to me. I have the back tucked in my blouse and the only pin that I am using is the one holding the two ends at the back of my head. I losely pulled the hijab and wrapped it at the back. I wanted to show the shirring and the yoke of the blouse. This was my Sunday out to promote my clothing line look ūüôā And yes I had my baby attached to me, she doesn’t seem to like anyone but me, I LOVE it he he he….

Mas Salaama xx

The Launch of My Clothing Line!!!

3 Sep

Subhan’Allah!!! All praises are due to Allah, Bissmillah¬†Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem, as I said this I launched my first collection and my website today. I am so proud of this moment, this is something that I’ve worked so hard to get together, 2 1/2 years later here I am with my own collection! Along the way I’ve met some very interesting people and helpful people but mostly I need to thank my wonderful husband who was behind me all the way and who provided all the funds to make my dreams come true. I also need to thank my amazing sister-in-law¬†for all her hard work in helping me get my pictures done and all the input that she provided. Thanks for all the support Sheba!!! And to all my besties¬†and good friends I couldn’t have done this without you all encouraging me and supporting me. There were many times where I thought that I want to give up, it’s too much and I can’t handle it but you all were there telling me that I can do it, especially my hubby who told me that he believes in me no matter what and that I can do it. I am so grateful to Allah for such amazing people in my life and of course my Abba who always said that I was heading in the right direction and who finally on his own checked out my website, trust me, this is a big accomplishment for my Abba(dad)!!!! I love each and every one of you so much, thanks for believing in me!!! Lastly I want to give a big thanks to the¬†subscribers and readers of my blog. xx

Come and check out my website and use code 786FFC at check out for a 10% discount on your purchase, this discount is valid until the 17th of September 2012.

Zeba Ramos xx


Zeba Ramos Flyer

So many things going on!!!

31 Jul

Assalaam Alaykum everyone,

So while I’ve been MIA I had a baby, had my family visiting me from Vancouver and I am working really hard to launch my collection at the end of August or beginning of September insha’Allah. It’s been crazy hectic in my house but it’s all well worth it!!!

I had a baby girl masha’Allah on June 14th’ 2012, she is so precious and my son has really taken well to her (masha’Allah), that was a major surprise but a surprise that I must say I’m really satisfied with! She’s a good baby, we have our nights lol, sometimes I’m not sure how I function during the day!!! LOL…I’ve never had puffy/blue under eye circles before, not even with my son, now it’s an added feature to my face. My OB/GYN was happy to see me alive and well during my postpartum check-up yesterday, she said that my pressure and heart beat were amazing…She’s met my son during every appointment lmao, so she understands what I mean when I say he’s VERY Berry naughty!!!

Okay, moving on, so Ramadan Kareem, a bit late but there it is. Ramadan has been amazing so far, although I’m not fasting and I feel bad for hubby who actually serves me breakfast and gets me water while I’m nursing. May Allah (SWT) reward him for his patience, Ameen. I had a successful Ifaari with my lovely friends over at my house this weekend. It turned out really nice, and it was nice hanging out ūüôā

I finally got all my inventory from my manufacturer, now I’m working on the last-minute details and insha’Allah we shall be launching very soon!!! I’ve uploaded below some behind the scenes pictures of some of the styles. Don’t forget to go to my FB fanpage and LIKE to receive a discount code for you to use.

Zeba Ramos xoxo

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Bonnet Tutorial

6 Jun


This is part two of the under-scarf tutorials, the first tutorial was on the under-scarf and the second one here is on the bonnet style under-scarf. I prefer wearing the under-scarf over the bonnet, its comfortable and stays put. But everyone has their own preferences.

If you already own a bonnet and it fits you good, measure all the points I have mentioned in the video and use that to cut your pieces. If you don’t own one, then use the measurements that I provide. I think my head is a normal size, my husband thinks I have a big head and I think he has a big head lol…anyways, the point being is that using my measurements should work out fine.

I also wanted to mention that I will not be posting for a while, here and there maybe, an update on when my baby arrives and about the clothing line insha’Allah. I’m due on the 18th of JUNE, right around the corner, we can’t wait to meet our new addition insha’Allah!!!

Have fun making this bonnet, it’s not as hard as it seems. You can still email me with questions and requests, I will work on them as much as I can and I will definitely email you back.

ūüôā Zeba Ramos x