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Adding Hijabs soon insha’Allah!

29 Nov

Hey Salaam everyone!

Being a mom to two kids is eventful I must say! Sleepless nights, sick toddler and a teething 5 month old is keeping me on my toes! I have been working hard at adding hijabs to my collection and its moving forward. We’ll start off with giveaways first so spread the word and like my Facebook page Zeba Ramos Clothing.

What do you look for when buying a hijab? What colors would you like, do you want plain or printed materials and what material do you look for?

Here are some of the fabrics I will possibly work with for the giveaways.

Zeba xx
Mas Salaama



From My Collection

13 Sep


Here is a look from my collection, it’s the Shirred Blouse in Animal Print. I added a belt, you may or may not do this, I pulled some of the fabirc out over the belt. Right now I’m nursing my baby and I had to constantly remove the belt and eventually just took it off. This may be why I look a little bit disheveled. It looks great both ways. I’m wearing a plain purple square hijab, it’s my MOMMY’S hijab and it is very dear to me. I have the back tucked in my blouse and the only pin that I am using is the one holding the two ends at the back of my head. I losely pulled the hijab and wrapped it at the back. I wanted to show the shirring and the yoke of the blouse. This was my Sunday out to promote my clothing line look 🙂 And yes I had my baby attached to me, she doesn’t seem to like anyone but me, I LOVE it he he he….

Mas Salaama xx

Ruffled skirt tutorial

4 Apr

I was in the fabric store last weekend and while looking for sample fabrics, I found and fell in love with this ruffle fabric! I used it to make a maxi skirt and the remaining fabric I will be using it for a hijab. The skirt is really simple to make and it really shouldn’t take too long, just as long as you follow these steps! NO HEMMING INVOLVED!!!!


2 yds Ruffle fabric
2 1/4″(wide) elastic
matching thread
sewing machine
measuring tape

2 1/4" wide elastic

beautiful fabric!

1. Measure your hip and mark with pin on your fabric. Cut your fabric to desired length using your hip measurement plus 1″ for ease.

2. To make sure that your ruffles face down and don’t move while sewing the seam, do a baste stitch on your machine making sure that the ruffles face the same way.

basting ruffles in one direction

3. Pin along seam right sides together and stitch.



4. Wrap elastic around waist and pin, make sure that this feels snug but not tight. Cut elastic and sew the end with a zigzag stitch.

5. Mark four evenly spaced places on elastic and skirt. The fabric naturally will be slightly larger then elastic, stretch elastic as you sew the fabric and elastic together, rights sides facing together. It’s best to use a zigzag stitch as you sew these two pieces together.

elastic and fabric pinned together

stretch elastic as you sew


Rabia Z Fashion Designer

2 Aug

Assalaam Alaykum sisters,

Her designs are easy and breezy yet elegant and creative. She is of Emirati and Afghani heritage and knows how to use the two in her designs. Rabia Z studied business and fashion design in the US and continued her fashion training in Dubai at the French Fashion University, Esmond.

Rabia showcased her collection and in October of 2007 and was acknowledged as emerging talent competition and went on to win the British Council’s regional ‘International Young Fashion Entrepreneur of the Year 2008’ award.

This was the beginning of Rabia’s career, she is an amazing women and has her collections shown at various evernts in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Thank you for reading!

PS: You may or may have not noticed that I have removed a tutorial that I have posted earlier. It had somethings to do with the name, not with the actual tutorial because I did my research and there are other names for the hooded scarf and it’s also called scoodie and there are video’s out there. So I will make another and I will not use the name that I will not mention no longer! So, I will be removing all traces of it from my blog. Sorry if you had made comments and sent me emails regarding it. I had to delete it! I don’t want any legal issues, I got a email from the creator of the name and she was nice and she hasn’t emailed me back, so I think i’m in the clear insha’ALLAH!!!


THANKS to sister that rhymes with BELLA for saving my something that rhymes with hut!!! lol

Something lacy & blue continued

16 Jul

Assalaamu Alaykum all!

Jummah Mubarak! I hope you all are well Insha’Allah. As we are getting closer to another RAMADAN, let us all prepare! This will be the time to learn and understand our religion and most importantly get closer to our Creator Insha’Allah. Lets welcome this blessed month into our hearts and homes!

I designed a long sleeved tunic/dress for myself, sketched out my design and blogged about at the end of June. I finished sewing it a few days ago. I changed my design along the way, which I often do because I think of something better, but this time I had no choice. I wanted to add asymmetrical ruffles for the skirt part of the tunic/dress but in the end I didn’t have enough fabric. I bought the fabric from a flea market a while back and so I couldn’t go out and buy anymore of it. What I did instead was make the skirt into gathered bubbles, I had enough fabric for that and it worked out great.

I have had a chance to try it on but I haven’t taken pictures, so for now it’ll be on a mannequin. I love it! I know it’s very egotistical of me to say that I love my own designs and I love to wear them. This is rare, I’m never happy with my results and a lot of times I need assurance that it looks great. So, ALLHUMDULILLAH, when I get a good start to finish with minimal issues, i’m very happy with my results, hence this tunic/dress.

Stay tuned for me in it.
25 days till Ramadan!!! *Don’t forget to make up your fasts!*

PS: Sisters, what would you like me to blog about? Feel free to send in suggestions, drop me an email or comment below.

Mas Salaama

front view

side view

back view

view from below

Something lacy & blue

29 Jun

I designed this tunic for myself as I need some fun and cute outfits for my upcoming trips. I bought this lovely lace one day when we went to a flee market. They have fabric vendors there, and that’s what gets me all excited, and I force hubby to take me. A lot of times I don’t like the fabric, but I still like to go. This time I got lucky, and I found this blue lace. I chose a forest-y green fabric for the lining. So in the next few weeks I will be making it. Stay tuned!

Amal Murad, abaya fashion designer

23 Jun

Amal Murad is a UAE abaya fashion designer. Her designs are amazing, I love her work!!! She incorporates the latest fashion trends into her designs, adds a touch of color, or print to make the most stunning styles! She is an inspiration to me. Although I myself don’t wear abaya’s, her designs make me want to wear them!! Some time in the near future one of Amal Murad’s abaya’s will make its way into my closet. Here are some of her designs shown during Dubai fashion week 2010. Does anyone out there already own a designer piece by Amal Murad? If you do, please free to send a picture of you wearing it!

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