What a blast I had at TexWorld!!

27 Jan

We finally had an opportunity to attend TexWorld, it’s a trade show where you can go and make connections, browse through fabrics for your collection and meet some amazing people. It was really an amazing experience and I can’t wait to attend the next one. My first collection won’t have any hijabs, but as soon as I went to the trade show I fell in love with materials that I totally pictured as hijabs. Each vendor had some exceptional materials and it was hard to walk out of there not spending a dime or making any orders. I will insha’Allah once my first collection is up and running. For now we picked up some swatches and took pictures of future fabrics that I hope to be adding to my next collection for hijabs and garments.

Here are some pictures that we were able to take and I’m posting it to share my TexWorld day with you. I won’t be able to post the pictures of the fabrics, you will just have to wait till I launch collection #2… 🙂

Entering into the world of Textiles!!!

Check out all those amazing fabrics lined up! "drooling!!!"

Thinking if I should go in or not?? Some of the vendors fabrics won't work for my collection, and so sometimes there isn't a point in entering a booth until you've checked out all of the ones you really want to see and then you can come back to the maybe's towards the end.

Browsing through a selection of fabrics.

I really liked this fabric, the color really stood out.

My assistant/model and myself. Behind us is tables full of swatches from all of the booths, this way you can make your experience convenient for yourself. How that works is that you look at the swatches and write down the booth number and then go to the booth to check out the fabrics. The setup was beautiful, each table was organized by color, fabric styles and they added candies, jewelry and other items to match the theme, they didn't allow pictures to be taken of that area. 😦

Rubbing my growing belly 🙂

Filing out some forms 🙂

I had an amazing time at TexWorld, now it’s time to contact some of the vendors to possibly place orders. My first collection is on it’s way. There were a few set backs that have been resolved and I’m working really hard with my manufacturer to complete the remaining items so I can finally launch my line!!!

Zeba Ramos xoxo


One Response to “What a blast I had at TexWorld!!”

  1. Scott July 24, 2013 at 10:24 am #

    We are so glad you enjoyed Texworld USA! Best of luck with your first collection! We hope you can join us January 21-23, 2014 in NYC for the next edition of Texworld USA!

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