Facebook FANPAGE info…

29 Dec

I wanted to let you all know that I’ve finally made my Facebok FanPage! There isn’t much content on there now, but soon insha’Allah it will be loaded with stuff…soon to be added are behind the scenes pictures from out photoshoot and also some randoms. You can LIKE my page right from clicking on the LIKE button located on the right on this page or you can go directly to my page by clicking this link>>> ZEBA RAMOS FANPAGE.  A little update on the garments, I picked up some finished styles today, I’m about to go through them!!! SOOOOooooo excited!  By liking my page you will recieve updates on my line and you will also know when the clothes will be available.

Thank you to all my Blog and YouTube subscibers for your support and emails. I promised a few tutorials, as you know I’ve been crazy busy with getting my line together and haven’t done a tutorial in a while. I will very soon insha’Allah, but please do let me know what you want to see in the upcoming videos. I have promised a simple abaya tutorial, so that will be my first…  

xoxo Zeba Ramos


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