15 Aug

Ramadan has been great so far in my household. We are trying our best to keep fit while fasing but it seems to be kind of hard. I’ll be heading back to the gym this week. I haven’t gone since Ramadan has started and for all of you that lose weight during this month, you are soooooo lucky!!! I can’t say that I’ve been eating right, because my hubby and I are secret fat kids!! LOL…baking cookies, cake, and kind of taking advantage of this line, “oh well, we haven’t eaten anything all day.” AND “let’s stay up till suhoor, we can eat chips and have slurpees or cappuccinos!!!” LOL…we don’t over do it, but some nights we do and it’s not that we over eat, it’s WHAT we eat!! lol

So you haven’t heard from me this Ramadan yet because I’ve been keeping busy reading the Qur’an and learning surah’s. Doing this is much more important then anything else this month. I have promised a few tutorials and I hope to get one done this week as I have the free time besides the gym and taking care of my little monkey…

I am so pleased to say that I have finally found someone to design my logo and I have to say that I am very pleased with it. With that being done I can have my labels made and Insha’Allah I will go into production early September.

So ladies, what would you like to learn??? Email me at hijabizlovefashiontoo@gmail.com and let know.



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