Spring and summer fashion tips…

16 May

Here comes the warm, muggy and soon to come hot weather. Here in New York we have rain, rain and more rain this week in our forecast. Last week was so beautiful, but let’s get back to the subject!! I know that it’s difficult dressing modestly in these warmer months. Speaking from experience, I wear more layers in the summer because I don’t have a coat to hide my arms and neck, so I know it’s a challenge. And also your laundry basket gets double the amount of clothes because you can technically only wear your undershirt once!

The best fabric to wear and help your body breath and keep it cool is cotton or linen. I know that the options for cotton are slim, but if you search hard enough, you’ll find it. Wear a light cotton hijab, wrapped loosley to help keep your head cool. I find myself wearing maxi skirts with tights underneath and also maxi dresses with tights underneath. I don’t know about all you other ladies out there, but my thighs rub together slighty when I walk and when it’s hot I get bumbs and a rash. To prevent this I wear tights(light material) and it works to prevent the rashes!!!!!!

I also try to wear linen pants in dark colors, because they can be see thru, and I pull my pants or jeans up high enough so that my thighs don’t touch. For those of you who are like me, I don’t buy high waisted jeans, I only buy low rise or mid rise depending on the design, and I always try them on!!! I really prefer low rise, because I wear long shirts and undershirts and I don’t come across the problem of exposing my back or stomach. So for those ladies that have been fearing that, if you tuck in your under shirt, and wear a tunic, dress or long blouse over it you won’t have that problem.

1. wear cotton or linen material


2. wear light cotton hijabs


3. maxi skirts and dresses are a good option for coolness


4. wear linen pants in a dark color

5. if you have the thighs rubbing together problem, wear tights or pull up pants high



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