What I’ve been up to lately…

24 Mar

I’m getting a bit panicky, but I know that Insha’Allah it will be okay and I will be fine. I never had any heart problems, but lately I think I’m always going to have a heart attack!! I think I’m now suffering from anxiety attacks. Almost a month ago I thought I was going to die, it was terrible, my ribs hurt and my heart ached and I felt incredibly sick!!! Allhumdulillah I’m okay!! It’s not funny but I laugh about it because this is all due to my first collection coming this Fall 2011 Insha’Allah.

It’s been crazy but knowing that I am making my dreams come true makes it all worth it. I’ve been sketching, drafting, sampling, looking for fabric has been the greatest challenge. I’ve now moved onto my third and hopefully last pattern maker. She’s amazing and I love working with her, she listens to me and makes the changes I ask her to make without questions. I have to redo the first two patterns, due to lack of communication, but in reality it worked out for me. I’ve altered a lot of my designs and I’ve been reading and listening to my blog readers and potential customers. I know what I look for when I design and make my clothing and also when I’m shopping for myself. There is so much that the malls offer but for me it comes down to what I can pair that shirt with and what undershirt will work out or will this dress look okay with jeans or pants.

Recently I attended a get together and the waitress came up to me and told me that I looked amazing and really well put together! It really made my day and gave me more inspiration and passion for my work.

Thanks so much for the support everyone and especially to my husband(TR) and father(SM) who are helping me financially and the moral support from my sister(SMN), sister in law(GRV) and best friends(SN, SS, ZA, LH, NW) friends(PS, EZ) and also my cousins(JA), and (TA) who motivates me and reads my blogs every time I post, THANKS T. And of course the little man in my life who makes the rainiest days full of sunshine and comes to visit me while I’m working and gives me MAHS(kisses) to help me through my day!!! (IAR)


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One Response to “What I’ve been up to lately…”

  1. Nina March 25, 2011 at 1:53 am #

    Aw, I Love this post! You’re an amazing designer, stylista, wife, mother, and everything in between. I know your talent and creativity will get you far! Just believe in it and it will happen. We will always be there to support you. xo

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