My EID outfit, a bit late!

12 Oct

Assalaam Alaykum ladies,

How are you all doing? So just incase I didn’t mention before, I had a fabulous EID in Vancouver with my Abba(dad) and sister and family and friends! It was so amazing and the food was just so good too. My hubby and I decided to wear what we wore during our mendhi(henna) ceremonies in Vancouver when we got married. So this is what I wore and I loved it all over again. I love wearing bright colors but it only looks good when you wear it with Indian clothes. This is called a shalwaar kamese. The bottoms are called shalwaar and they are really comfortable, they are made with a lot of pleats. the tunic is called a kamese and it is not that comfy but what ever, it looks good. My aunts in Pakistan sent it, I sent them money and my measurements and told them what color I wanted and they did a great job in picking out the material and color! The only thing that I was upset about was that the darzee(seamstress, who are men), made the sleeves short!!! But I just wore an under shirt and it worked out well!

Mas Salaama


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