Lately in Fashion, THE NEW LONG!!!

13 Sep

Salaam Ladies,

How are all of you doing? Now that Ramadan and Eid are well out of the way, life is almost back to normal. We still have to make up fasts, some of us, (not me :(…) are fasting the 6 days of Shawal. Masha’Allah, those of you who can, that’s really good!!! I’m still here in Vancouver visiting my family and friends. Having a blast!!! My nephew is soooooo cute masha’Allah, I can’t get enough of him and my son can’t either!

So, now that fall is almost here, hijabiz can easlily shop and dress! And the long trend is going no where!!! I love it! I’ve been in love with this Dries Van Noten maxi skirt for months! I’ve ripped it out of my magazine and pinned it to my inspiration board and right now that board nicely tucked away in my closet!

So ladies, don’t you fear, go out there and shop, layer up, there are so many options right now with long cardigans, shirts, skirts and don’t forget the short skirts that you can wear over your jeans!!! I do it and I love it!!!

Dries Van Noten

Michael Kors

Mas Salaama
From my original hometown Surrey BC (Canada)


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