DIY Prayer Skirt

30 Jun

Time for salat and you want to just slip into something really quick? Here is a really easy and simple skirt to make for your salat.


You will need
*measuring tape
*elastic (measure waist and cut accordingly)
*hem gauge (optional)
*fabric (2yds or 2 1/4m)
**QUICK explanation- RIGHT SIDE = the outer fabric, the side of the fabric you see on the outside.
WRONG SIDE = the inner fabric, the side of the fabric that’s hidden, on the inside, you don’t see it.**

supplies you will need

1) Measure your waist, where you prefer your waistband to sit, tie something around this area and write down this measurement. Next measure the length from your waist to your ankle. To make this easier, ask for assistance, if you don’t have that extra hand stand in front of a mirror, hold one tape end to the tie on your waist and step on the other end and read the measurement from the mirror. Write down this measurement.

2) For beginners, it’s best to use cotton fabric, it’s easier to handle and for this project cotton is suitable. Make certain that all your edges are even, to do this, snip a raw edge and tear. It’ll tear on a straight grain. Selvage is a factory finished edge that keeps the edge from fraying or unraveling. That edge will be even so even out the edge that was cut at the fabric store. My fabric was a test fabric that was given to me by a teacher at F.I.T. and it wasn’t printed on a straight grain. I’m working with my patten on it’s side. I’m not using this outside, it’s for in home use only, it’s not a big deal. This way I don’t waste this fabric.

3) Fold fabric on half, right sides together, so that you have a lengthwise fold opposite a lengthwise raw edge, pin the edge together. You should have your waist measurement here plus an extra 5-10″. What ever the extra is, keep it, it’ll just add gathers in the end result. Just make sure that you don’t have your exact measurement, if that’s the case, take some fabric off the length and add it onto the side and this will give you width.

4) Sew a 1/2″ seam allowance removing the pins as you go. Don’t forget to backstitch at the start and finish of the stitching. Next, to keep the fabric from fraying do a zigzag stitch along all your seams. If you have an overlock machine (serger), serge along all your edges now.



5) To make the waistband, fold the top of the skirt edge in 1 1/2″, wrong sides together, iron and pin. Sew 1/4″ in, leave an opening of 2″ for the elastic to be inserted through.

6) Thread elastic through the 2″ opening, you’ll have to gather and pull the fabric as you do this.

7) Stitch together the ends of the elastics using the zigzag stitch. Overlap 1/2″ and stitch over twice to secure.

8 ) Close the 2″ opening for the elastic now by topstitching.

9) Take your length measurement and add an extra 2″ to it. 1″ for the hem and 1″ for any mistakes, you can hem it up again if need be. Cut off any access fabrication. Next hem up 1″, pin and iron.

Now take that 1″ and turn it in 1/2″ and re-pin.

Sew along the edge.

Finished hem.

Where you can find mine!!


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