Uptown Girl!

27 Jun

Today I had an important appointment in the city. The question since last night was, what do I wear??? I do this anytime I have to go anywhere, I think the night before, the morning of and sometimes I stress over it!!! I know to some people it’s silly, but to me, it’s a part of my life. So my final decision was made 30 minutes before we left the house. I wore this dress, (I wear it as a shirt) I bought it from New York & Co., the jeans are also from NY & Co (you can’t really see them here), the black hijab is old it’s from one of my abaya’s my mom bought for me ages ago and the beige hijab I bought from http://www.pearl-daisy.com.

I would like to start something new here called ‘HIJABI SPOTLIGHT’ (I really hope it works!), I would like my hijabi sister’s to send me photo’s of them in their stylish hijabi attire. Also add a small bio of where you live and where you bought your pieces from. Each week I’ll post a new ‘HIJABI SPOTLIGHT’. This will help other sisters learn new tricks from you. It’ll also help all of us in finding clothes that suit our body types. So please DON’T be shy!!! Email it to me at hijabizlovefashiontoo@gmail.com


One Response to “Uptown Girl!”

  1. Shabana A.Z. June 28, 2010 at 12:54 am #

    Wow Zeba, You’re doing great and look amazing. Good for you, you go girl. All the best!

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