Really simple hijab’s, (headscarfs) I made

22 Jun

This isn’t a tutorial, I promise I will do one soon. I’m just sharing some of my hijab’s that i’ve made over the years. Majority of the time I only buy a yard of the fabric that I will use to make into a hijab. The first hijab finish is called a narrow edge hem, and I’ve included a picture of the presser foot that I used to make that finish, it’s called the narrow hemmer foot. The second hijab that I show you, I jumped from one thing into another and so this is what I meant, I took the bottom of the width off and added it to the side edge. I did that to make the hijab longer and so that edge would be hidden. Also, I know I keep saying I iron in an inch and then I turn that inch in so it’s half an inch. I think I’ve confused many of you!! Sorry, I forget that not everyone sews and understands what I’m saying. So when I do a video tutorial, i’ll show you what I mean. I mention that with the knit hijab you can’t machine sew it, that’s not true, in my opinion it wouldn’t look nice and neat, so I hemmed it by hand. This was my first video and I was nervous and it wasn’t rehearsed! lol…I hope I helped somewhat! Next video will be much better!!! PROMISE!

Narrow Hemmer Foot


2 Responses to “Really simple hijab’s, (headscarfs) I made”

  1. Ali June 24, 2010 at 5:47 pm #

    Salaam sister, very cool tutorial… I’m excited to see more!!

  2. hijabizlovefashiontoo June 25, 2010 at 9:37 am #

    Thank you very much! If you have any suggestions or fabric types you would like to work with let me know!

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