Here it goes, hello hijabi sisters!!!

11 Jun

I’m very excited and nervous about this!! I’ve never had a blog before and I know that starting off, it won’t be that interesting, but Insha’Allah I can make it better. For now I would like to say HI and I hope to get some visitors here!!! Insha’Allah I would like to start my own clothing line, but first I need to know what other sisters out there are looking for. When your out there shopping, what can’t you find. Where do you shop, how much do you spend on a good piece that you know you’ll use over and over again. This will really help me out!! Thanks ladies!!!


One Response to “Here it goes, hello hijabi sisters!!!”

  1. saba June 12, 2010 at 5:26 pm #

    Asa Zeba! MA its a nice site. I’ll tell you the most I look for is regular fitting (not too tight, not too loose) longish tops that I can wear on jeans and skirts (so not too long..more like short kameez). I don’t look forhijabs coz I get those from pak and dubai. Usually i get my tops made there too but not always so sometimes I end up looking in the market here. The price range would be between 10-20 CAD.

    I’ll give u more input when I think of something…best of luck with the site IA 🙂

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