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My flower art hijab…

3 Jan

A little fuzzy hijab art…I wanted to show off my latest creation…my hijab art, I know this is huge in Egypt and I was fascinated with the flower hijab art when I was in Egypt. I’ve made the flower plenty of times, the first time was when I attended my sister’s wedding, it turned out all right and I have been practising ever since. So after a million tries I finally made it perfect!!! And here it is, too bad the pic isn’t clear enough but you can still see the flower.

fuZZy wuZZy


Review and tutorial on LaDecence Hijabs…

30 Nov

Assalaam Alaykum,

Recently I received hijabs from www.LaDecence.com . These hijabs are so beautiful, light and flowy. I love the floral prints and I also love the jersey material as it drapes very well. I have done a review on all three hijabs and also a tutorial on two of the hijabs. The prices are reasonable and affordable, you really can’t go wrong there. She also sells hijab pins, sleeves and other accessories on her website, please check it out. I left the link above.

Mas Salaama

Infinity Scarf FUN!!!

29 Jun


You know when you have that favorite tshirt that you just can’t get rid of…well, I may have a solution for you lovely ladies!!! I have been doing this for a while, cutting up my shirts and it’s soooo much fun!!! I think you all should give it a try!! ;)

Infinity scarves are the circular tube like scarves. I first purchased one from AVON 6 years ago and wore it pinned up as a hijab and I remember going to a store and people were asking if it was my hair. Seriously!!! Anyways, I still have that one and my father in law bought me 3 from Peru. These scarves are so much fun because you can play around with it just like a hijab but you can also turn these scarves into shrugs!!!

So in my video I show you how you can make one by cutting up your shirt. I will insha’ALlah show you how to make one from scratch.

PS: So I didn’t realize that I was just recording the lower half of my face. My son sort of took off with my tripod and now I don’t know where it is…although I have a good idea what might have happened to it. Also, my son wanted to help me out with my voice over, so he does make a voice appearance in the video for a while and he’s LOUD!!! And lastly, it’s hot here and I had a fan on in the background and for that reason I had to voice over because the loudness of the fan took over my voice.


Mas Salaama


Making a hijab with ruffles.

7 Dec

Assalaam Alaykum,

So I finally got a chance to do a video tutorial. I did one on how to make a hijab with ruffles. I really hope you all have fun making this hijab, I did and I will make some more when I get a chance. I wanted to add that you can add the ruffles the ruffles to any edge. It’s all up to you, you be the designer. It’s so much fun. I will make another one and post pictures of it. I won’t say soon, because my life is crazy busy, but I will do it.

A few things I forgot to mention in the video;

1. Be creative and add the ruffles in layers, on all edges, 3 edges, or just one edge.

2. When sewing a french seam, first sew the wrong sides together and then when you turn over, you will be sewing the right sides together.

3. When adding the ruffles, make sure you pin the right sides together!!! And evenly spread out the ruffles.

4. You can add more fabric strips to add more ruffles. Again, I will do it and show you some other time Insha’Allah.

5. You can finish off with a zigzag stitch or even use an overlock/serger to secure the seam and stitch.

I hope you all do an amazing job and good luck with your project. If you wish, you can send in pics of your finished hijab to hijabizlovefashiontoo@gmail.com. Look forward to hearing from you.


Front View

Back View

Hijabs High

30 Jul

Assalaamu Alaykum Ladies,

Hijabi fashions on the streets! This is exactly what I want to do!!! But so far I haven’t had anyone email me a picture with a bio :(. Come on shy girls! I found that there is an actual site that has sisters from all over the world sending in pictures of their street fashions! I love it, it’s so great to see that there are so many hijabi sisters around the world that love to cover up. Before I start getting all the judge-mental comments and emails, please sit back and think about what you are about to say before you say it. I know that ever one has their own style and and comfort level. Please sisters, don’t judge others on what they wear and how much they cover up. We are are sisters here and one day we will answer to Allah, so please don’t judge ;). I really hope to see some of you sending in some fabulous pictures of your styles as well!! Please, send in pictures of things you make, I would love to see it and i’m sure you would love to share it!

After the tragic events of 9/11 a lot of sisters that wore the hijab stopped wearing it because they were scared to go out in public and get abused or hurt. And then there was the group that refused to remove it for the sake of Allah knowing that He will keep them safe and protect them from harm and if they were harmed then they will be rewarded for it. And lastly the hijabi wearers that came afterwards to show their love for their religion and that is the group that I am from. I love being a Muslim and I am not ashamed of it and this is my way of announcing my love for the Almighty Allah. He has created us all equally from one man and He breathed His spirit into him(Adam) and Adam(AS) came to life. So let’s be grateful to Allah and to one and other, for we are all brothers and sisters in Islam.

Check out www.hijabishigh.com

Mas Salaama!

**approximately 12 Days till Ramadan** {give or take}

‘Who made all things good which He created, and He began the creation of  man from clay; Then He made his seed from a draught of despised fluid; Then He fashioned him and breathed into him of His spirit; and appointed for you hearing and sight and hearts. Small thanks give you!’ (Surah Luqman 32:7-9)

Putting the ‘Z’ in hijabZ

12 Jul

Assalaamu Alaykum Ladies,

Sometimes when I’m so tired and all I want to do is sleep but I can’t because idea’s keep running through my mind and the only way I can get some shut eye is to sketch. What ends up happening is I have to get out of bed, grab a pencil and my sketch book and start sketching. Well, I had one of those nights recently, I couldn’t shut my brain off so, of course I got up and started to roughly sketch out my ideas. I came up with a few ideas and I tried one of them out. I had a lot of left over yardage from this material that I made a tunic out of. I hemmed the edges, took apart 7 zippers, hand made flowers and put it all together and here it is. I had to take the picture myself. I kind of like the bunched up messy look of the hijab. It almost looks like a bubble.

Have a blessed and fabulous Monday Insha’Allah!
There is only 29 days left till RAMADAN!!! Are you ready???
Mas Salaama

Floral me?

8 Jul

I’m in love with this floral print maxi dress. If I were to alter this dress, I would make it a high neck and add sleeves down to the wrist. It’s a gorgeous maxi dress and it would look lovely with a light cotton hijab in any one of these colors> pink, blue, white, green or even yellow. For $49 you can’t go wrong!(Bad news, I went to the website to purchase the dress and it was sold out. I waited to long!) You can get many other maxi styles at Arden B.com, they are having a great sale. Act quickly, they are selling fast!!! All you have to do with these dresses is add a long sleeve under shirt and some accessories.

Stay tuned for a quick tip tomorrow!!!

Don’t forget to send in pictures of your styles to be featured in HIJABI SPOTLIGHT  to hijabizlovefashiontoo@gmail.com. (More information about this can be found in Tag Cloud on right, click on Hijabi Spotlight or My Styles.)

Hijab tutorials by Amena

7 Jul

Assalaamu Alaykum all, and hello to my non Muslim sisters,

Okay, for those of you who haven’t already heard of Amena, let me introduce her to you. Amena is this beautiful British sister who not only gives amazing hijab tutorials on youtube but she also has video’s where she gives Islamic knowledge and some baby gadget reviews and if that isn’t awesome enough, she also sells gorgeous hijabs!!! I have mentioned pearl daisy in some of my earlier posts and I have worn some of PD’s hijabs that I bought off the website at www.pearl-dairy.com . Not only are her hijabs beautiful but the prices are amazing too. Sisters you don’t have to worry about spending too much, these hijabs and under scarves are totally affordable!

Amena is so cute and charming and her son is always trying to make an appearance in her videos!! As I realized lately that babies want to be heard and seen too! I love Amena’s accent! If I ever make it back to England to visit my family, I would love to meet Amena. I can’t wait to buy from her again! I would also like to point out that her customer service is great, I give her 5 stars! I had a slight issue and she responded quickly and fixed my issue promptly! I wanted to order a million hijabs, but Pearl Daisy is really popular and sells out quickly!!!  So when she says that she’s in stock and you can place your orders, don’t hold back!

Check out Amena’s youtube channel. http://www.youtube.com/user/Amenakin .

Just a few items from PD and unfortunately I bought a few days before Amena restocked!! I was crushed. Next time Insha’Allah I will buy when she is re-stocked! I’m in love with the printed hijabs and can’t wait to get my hands on a few of them!!!

Lace Hijab in beige and navy blue and black bonnet

I have a navy blue hijab that I also bought from PD, but its wrinkled and I don’t have the energy to iron it in this heat! Check out the hijabs on http://www.pearldaisy.com also become a fan on facebook http://www.facebook.com/pearldaisy

Have a fabulous fashionable day ladies!!!

Mas Salaama

Summer looks that can be hijabified

21 Jun

I sometimes just go shopping just to admire clothes. Today is officially the first day of summer and we hijabiz want to style it up too! I get a lot of inspiration from other designers and sometimes think that hijabi’s influence designers as well. With the layering, the maxi dresses and skirts. Sometimes when you search hard enough, you can find great pieces that you can mix and match. You may find the perfect dress(short) which I do a lot, just ask my husband!! I substitute dresses for shirts or blouses all the time. I like the coverage, as long as it’s not too long, because you have to balance it out. Wear it just above the knee with skinny jeans or trousers. I picked out a few looks here that can be hijabified. Add a long sleeved T, a blazer if you like, skinny jeans, trousers or a light cardigan and there you have it. The fun thing for us is that we can have many different looks with one dress. Just switch up the hijab, or change the bottom. Don’t be afraid, have fun, experiment, we are UNIQUE!!!

Opening Ceremony


Proenza Schouler



Great Forever21 finds

13 Jun

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here are some items I found at Forever21 to wear with my hijabs. A couple of headbands, some black flowery slides and a new Zebra necklace!!! I just thought Zeba, Zebra, anyhow, I love it. I never would have thought about using headbands or any type of head piece with a hijab, then I came across Amenakin’s channel on youtube and she wears them all the time. And it looks adorable. So I tried it out and voila, it looks great!!! The green zipper flower and fabric flower I made myself. Try it out ladies, it’s fun and cute!!!


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